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Posted by Linda Garratt ( on October 29, 1999 at 12:13:06:

In Reply to: Chronic Clusters, Chronic Insomnia, Chronic Depression... posted by Carl D on October 29, 1999 at 09:06:46:

I have visited this site over the last twelve months or so, but have rarely posted. I have only been visiting again for the last couple of months because the beast is back. Firstly, I am shocked (is that too strong a word) at how many people have joined, and also (and I am probably going to get slammed for this!) I think that some people do trivialise this disease - when we post we are suffering! Secondly, I get the depression, sleep deprivation, etc.. I also get quite violent. God help whoever crosses me when I'm like this! And there is no point in going to bed early, as I will undoubtedly be awake again an hour later, and even if I do sleep through most of the night the next CH just wipes out any good the sleep has done for you! I know I sound like I am on my soap box but this CH thing p*sses me off big style! I equate it with an evil little monster living in my head that wakes up just to screw up my life every few months. I think the term "clusterf*@ked" is an excellent word for that desperate, exhausted, depressed, wits-end, end-it-all" feeling.
I sincerely hope you get some relief soon, you are going through exactly the same as I am - I just want to rip the little b*st*rd out, stamp on him, and set fire to his remains!!!!!! That thought makes me feel so much better!

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