HEY sandy - how do you sleep at night ?

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Posted by gary g ( on November 01, 1999 at 13:28:25:

In Reply to: NATURAL REMEDY! WHY NOT? posted by sandy on November 01, 1999 at 11:13:17:


1. let's start gently:
about the only rule the owner/webmaster of this site has laid down is NO SALES PITCHES
your request that people email you at an edress involving "sample" is just TOO much - do you think ALL these people are stupid enough that nobdy is gonna spot you a mile away

2. if you want to make a suggestion about alternative treatments,relative to your knowledge and understanding of CH, by all means do so - but put up some substantial info that means something, instead of the same old lame tired advertising slogans that actually say NOTHING;

don't insult people's intelligence - even a 3rd grader knows that "natural herbs" and "drugs" contain exactly the same thing: chemicals -

that's why it works !

any difference between "drugs" and "herbs" has almost completely disappeared anyway, thanks to the marketing corporations on BOTH sides
now it's sorta like GM's different car brands "competing" with each other

3. this site is dedicated to a disease called Cluster Headache - it is a specific disease, and if you don't even know enough about it ("if the headache is due to clotting") to know WTF it is, I NOT very respectfully suggest you shut the F up until you do. You want to be listened to? learn what CH is, and then present a suggested remedy explaining WHY it might work on CH and maybe somebody will listen to you

4. a lot of these people ARE desperate, and in serious pain, and your transparent, ridiculous broadside attempt to take shameless advantage of that, and try to sell something without even knowing what the disease is, is nothing short of dangerous, immoral and probably illegal (if not, it should be)

MANY of us have been seriously working on this for 20, 30 years - some more; all the time being subjected to recurring bouts of unthinkable pain; and have been round the barn with every conceivable experiment and treatment you can dream of - - if you think you can drop something like your mindless transparent bullshit sales pitches on a group like that and not get torn up pretty good, you really ARE dumber than dirt

in which case - send me your CC acct number & I'll send you a jar of organic smart pills - as soon as my rabbit finishes digesting his breakfast

(hey Margi,remeber "smart pills" ? dat's old bygawd good joke canadienne dere, eh ?)

and sandy: in case this has been a bit vague for you -
short & simple:
get lost, you opportunistic parasite

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