Mans best friend - - - - A Cluster Eye Dog.

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Posted by Carl D ( on November 02, 1999 at 02:47:08:

Ok, I'll probably be slammed for this post I'm sure. "He must breed Dogs" or "It's a Kennel conspiracy" or "The Freek must be getting a kickback from adopt-a-pet" etc. Oh well, here goes my brain tinkering thoughts because it can't sleep and has left me giddy.

Does anyone own a dog? Are you close to your dog? Is he your best friend?

Some epileptics have a "partner" who is close to them. So close - that before the person developes a seizure, the dog may act funny: whine, lick the persons hand, put thier head on thier chest and whimper,tug at their clothing, etc. etc.

I just wonder if a dog may be able to sense if a person is starting to get a cluster. It could be possible that the dog may sense a difference in the persons actions , indicating that they may be getting ready for a bout. If this is possible, then a CHead who has an abortive treatment could possibly get a jump on the attack and limit it to only 1 or 2 minutes.
May also be a good warning for those who take pain med to deal with it. Again you could get the jump on the attack and the meds would kick in faster, lessening the pain of the attack.

For those of us that have neither, we would just be forewarned that we will soon be grabbing our head/neck/face in extreme pain and pacing or pounding on the floors/walls while we scream and cry our brains out, praying for death, smacking our heads, soiling our trousers, passing out, becoming delirious, etc.

I've had 3 knockdown dragouts since midnight last night, and no sleep again. Still sick, taking some Vitamin C (now available at your local ___________ superstore). Today I go for an evaluation on my depression. That should prove to be interesting. Also, today I called the doctors office freaking out "I have had no pain meds since August, and just have to ride out the H/A's in torturous agony - I WANT SOMETHING FOR PAIN NOW BEFORE I LOSE MY FREAKIN MIND!!!", still waiting for them to call back. If they won't help me, I'll be looking for doc # 7, or see if Guido down on the corner can get me some synthetic morphine or something.

And if I had a Cluster eye dog, I'd make sure it was a Rotweiller from a German bloodline that could bite the doc on the head to let them know what it feels like.

Happy pain free days to all who suffer, and thanks for shopping "Dogs 'R' Us".


Peace, Love and Beggin' Strips to all...........FREEK

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