therapy lamps: BIG price differences/ NOT an adv

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Posted by gary g ( on November 18, 1999 at 14:55:37:

If anybody is contemplating trying one of the 10000 lux therapy lamps, that are sold for treatment of Seasonal Affective Disorder (S.A.D.), be aware:

There seem to be 2 lines avilable -
one made in USA, one made in Canada

I just bought one
was quoted $495 for the US model
found the Canadian one for $250, in stock
and it seems to me the Canadians, being higher latitude, would have a good handle on light deficiency issues

that $250 difference will pay for a lot of O2 if it doesn't work !

can't for the life of me see any difference from the specs, etc I was given


you'll have to get into the yellow pages in your area
"medical supplies" or "hospital supplies"
or maybe real big pharamcies & ask about them

as far as I can tell, they're very careful to offer them ONLY for the S.A.D. relief, so you're on your own for deciding how/what/when to try it

there's nothing else I can think of to report on this
I don't want to post my plan for trying it because it's just a big brainfart, and may be totally useless
a truly WAG experiment (wild assed guess)

I went this way instead of the full-spectrum flourescent tubes as a few have mentioned
because I ran a store for many years in which I had real bright lighting, using the Duro VitaLight full spectrum because we sold color critical products

it coincided with the decade when my CH cycles were the worst they've ever been; so, I'm not a believer in those, not saying they DON'T work, just saying for me they were proven irrelevant

will report on how the "airport landing light" seems to work, but it will be a while -
< as some of you know, I am really down on posting big detailed claims that are based on one person, trying one thing, during one cluster - - just NOT valid info at that point>

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