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Posted by Todd ( on November 23, 1999 at 15:25:27:

In Reply to: Ok, but how do you explain.... posted by Margi on November 22, 1999 at 11:26:32:

There is a ch/addiction link, but it isn't straight-line OR universal, as most
things aren't.
For example, a family history of breast cancer in women IS a strong indicator
that any given female family member is 'high-risk'.
It is NOT a guarantee that she will or will not be affected.

Add to this the environmental elements associated with addiction and the picture gets even muddier.
IF there is a physiological element to addiction (be it seratonin or something else) the ABSENCE of this 'marker' won't 'protect' an off-spring from becoming addicted to, say alcohol or nicotine, if they observe the parent consuming,
take up the habit in emulation and then independently succumb to the addictive aspects of these drugs. Not that simple, as gary would say.

On the other hand, IF clusterheads do in fact have a higher incidence of addictive behavior than the general population, this MIGHT be one more of those little pieces drummer and bobp are talking about. And stealing yet one more element from drummer, which comes first...the addictive behavior or the clusters? I don't mean, did
you start smoking/drinking/eating chocolate/mainlining sodapop before or after your clusters started. Again, from a more distant perspective, is it possible that enduring the agony of ch results in either a) a self-destructive indulgence in addictive behaviors, or b)a desire to enjoy remissive periods as fully as possible, albeit in not so smart ways?

Equally important to this idea is a broad definition of addictive behavior.
Sure, it includes alcohol, nicotine and other 'recognized' drugs. But what about becoming 'addicted' to ch.com? Or to researching seratonin (not a shot, bobbuddy, just an example)?
Don't want to Springer-ize the idea and turn everything into an addiction, but gambling and other potentially self-destructive behaviors are recognized by psychology as addictive.

As I told drummer earlier (when he corrected me about neurotransmitters vs. hormone), I'm a 'concept' guy more than a technical type.
I admire the heck out of bobp for the research he's doing into seratonin, and garyg for all the things he researchs. I don't have the patience to do as they do, so I just toss my random ideas out in hopes that someday someone will find a hidden thread of gold in my bovine droppings.

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