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Posted by Ted ( on December 02, 1999 at 01:41:35:

In Reply to: Things That HELP in addition to drugs - VERY long article posted by gary (have been CH patient for 30 years) on December 02, 1999 at 00:24:56:

Some comments and questions for you.

As far as the Iced corn, I've also found a 1/2 or 1/4 lb ice pack on the palm and fingertips of the affected side is also very helpful. So, if your suggestion doesn't help some, they can try my suggestion.
Your suggestion that the pain is a substantive illusion is a good one. That worked very well for me in the past, where I'd concentrate on the, let's say, burning sensation and break that down into it's rawest form of what it was made up from and when there were no tangibles that I could even try and judge I'd ask myself why it was considered "bad" by me. The sensations would still exist but my brain wouldn't know enough to categorize it into a "bad" file. This was done when I used to meditate regularly. Now I'm less successful and can only do what I stated in my post on guided visualization.
Regarding your diversions, I have found relief from most of what you said (it's rare that I can pace, but when I can, an unobstructed path is better). However, for me I've found another's words more beneficial then music. I tend to turn on the TV to a non-violent show that doesn't have extremely annoying characters on it (yes, there are some shows that fit that description). News is out, but fluff sitcoms are in. I find that if the show is too involved or interesting it has a negative response in me because I start becoming anxious that I'm going to miss something if a heavy twinge sets in. Whereas with fluff it doesn't really matter if you miss something. It just sort of takes me out of myself with it on.
Now, this may seem contradictory, but I also agree with the part you mentioned of running through more complex thoughts in your head. The difference here, however, is that if I miss something, I can rewind it in my head and start from there -- causing no anxiety.
You mentioned can we be perversely happy for having them. On a slightly different thought, I've ran through the fantasy that they do find a cure for us someday and these have been such a large factor of my life all of these years that I start feeling tense about that. Kind of like the institutionalization a prisoner has and the tension and fear that they're reported to have when they know that they're getting released after 20-30 years inside. Anyone else ever think or feel that way about these things no longer accompanying us through life?
Lastly, how can I hydrate my oxegyn?

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