Prayer is medication......

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Posted by Sonnie Parker ( on December 05, 1999 at 16:35:50:

I'm seeing a lot of post that says keep prayer off the message board. That's really sad to read. Prayer is an excellent medication for myself and many other CH sufferers. Just like water, just like "power of the mind", just like prescription drugs, prayer might be one of your medications. Now it may not work for you, just like other medications, but it's working for some. To not discuss it would be neglect. No one is pushing anything on anyone. No one makes anyone take or use any of the medications you choose to use. You make the decision to use whatever medication that works for you. Just as you choose which thread you want to reply to. You don't have to reply.....maybe just reading it will give you some type of help maybe not. And prayer is very very very relevant to CH's. Just as Imitrex is relevant. Because both are ways of helping us deal with the pain we are suffering. As I stated in an earlier message.....people have a right to know that prayer works as an option or in conjunction with other medications. That doesn't mean they have to try it. Again, you have a choice. If some of us sufferers want to discuss prayer then what's the big deal? In many of the messages posted below (just in the last month by people who insist threads be kept to CH discussion only) there is no discussion at all about's personal stuff. Now someone wanting to discuss something that works for cluster headaches is being swarmed by others that feel someone is infringing on their beliefs.

Now I'm a Christian, a saved sinner, by grace only. I in no way claim to be perfect because I am a sinner. I still sin and will always sin until I get to heaven, then I believe God that it will be over. As a Christian it is obedience to God for me to make it known that I am a Christian, to represent Christ. Now I don't succeed as I should, but I try in every aspect of my life to represent Christ 100%. My doing so is surely not mean't to offend anyone....that's the farthest thing from my mind. So, whether it's on this forum or elsewhere, I'm gonna try to let people know that I am a Christian and how being a Christian and how prayer has benefited me with my suffering. That's only out of love and caring for others. God tells me I must be a witness in every way of my life at all times and to let it be known. I'm sorry but I got more respect for Him than anyone.

And one more don't have to use this medication.

God bless!

There will be no pain in heaven.

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