You calling me a sissy????.......

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Posted by Sonnie Parker ( on December 05, 1999 at 18:19:49:

In Reply to: Wow posted by Margi on December 05, 1999 at 16:18:40:

Just so we get it straight.....I've got balls! I ain't a girl. I just knew that "ie" on the end of Sonnie was causing a lot of people to think I was a girl. You should read some of my e-mails. I thought some of these fellows in here were trying to get sweet on me. Whew!

Todd and I have personally discussed his message and my reply. I was never in disagreement with his intent but rather the way he presented it. I can't help it if I took it the wrong way. Several others did too, as evidenced by e-mails I received. I also am sorry if you don't understand how I and others took it the wrong way. You've obviously known Todd for a long time and understand him better than others. Many who have been here a long time might take it for granted that every one is going to automatically understand your frustration, just because you are here daily and see it over and over again. (Keep in mind that me going back and reading every post is not the same as if I had been reading and posting since 4/98.) Maybe I used the wrong words to describe it, if so, I apologize to Todd (I think I already did anyway). I probably should have e-mailed him anyway to begin with. My mistake. I do believe Todd is a genuinly nice fellow who wants to help and he's really doing a fine job all in all. I went back and read some of his other post to refresh my memory (should have done that to start with). I can see how all of you who have been here since the beginning can get frustrated about the cluster headached wannabees. I do understand. By the same token I can see how the wannabees might not understand. Sometimes it just doesn't sink in well, like with me, my sinker isn't very heavy.

Yes, I've read every post. I started this past August, or there abouts. After coming to the site prior to the message board for a wealth of information, I continued to come back every so often. I missed the first year or so because I never came to the site unless I was in a cycle looking for new information. I didn't necessarily come back every cycle. I think my first post was to the testimonial page back in 9/98 but didn't post messages to the forum at that time that I can remember. I don't even remember if I was aware of the forum at that time. And no, I don't remember any message about pigs. I told you, I don't have good memory, and I'm serious. I only remember what I want to and most of the time can't remember that. I remember when I was two and stepped on a cigarette and burnt my foot, but I don't remember a lot of stuff in between then and now.

My faith is very public. I am not ashamed of how I represent Christ. (And I'm not saying you are....please don't read it that way.) I share my faith everywhere I go. I want it to be seen. I will be persecuted for this I know, but that's okay. I can take it. I'm a grown BOY!

Sorry if you are still confused.

God bless!

There will be no pain in heaven.

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