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Posted by Todd ( on December 05, 1999 at 18:42:22:

In Reply to: You calling me a sissy????....... posted by Sonnie Parker on December 05, 1999 at 18:19:49:

First of all, the title 'You calling me a sissy??????' seems rather inflamatory, especially since you begin your post by admitting that the 'ie' on the end of your name is somewhat ambiguous.

Next, I emailed you specifically because I had things to discuss with you which I did not feel were board business. For the second time today, you've chosen to air email matters on the board. That is considered poor etiquette.

You've again stated that you took some things I said as harsh and in bad taste, and yet AGAIN you have not identified the specific things I said which fit this rather critical judgement.

Yes, margi and I have known one another, online, for a couple of months now. She is also a professed believer in religion, I am an admitted Agnostic. Somehow this doesn't interfere with our relationship. I think it has something to do with mutual respect.

I would normally not consider this a board issue, but since you keep bringing it up, I received numerous emails supporting and thanking me for posting "Observations". In my experience, the difference between a true believer and a 'bible thumping holy roller' is that the first accepts that others are entitled to different views. The latter is on a fanatical (yes, I mean that precise word....look it up if necessary) mission to 'convert' and 'save' the rest of the world. I would put Ghengis Khan, Hitler and Ayatollah Kohmeni in that latter category. Where would you put yourself?

In my religious, church-going younger years, I was taught that the foundations of Christianity were tolerance, acceptance, understanding and forgiveness. While I question the existance of a supreme being, I don't reject the very real world, common sense guidelines of behavior most often espoused by organized religion.
Tolerance and here has asked you to leave the board.
Understanding...we accept that you feel the need to profess your self-proclaimed Christianity to one and all.
Forgiveness...we forgive you for trying to turn into something it was never intended, nor is desired by most, to be.

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