Open Letter to WaterDog

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Posted by Carl D ( on December 17, 1999 at 04:03:50:

First, I think it was a wonderful thing to post the information you did concerning Imitrex. Although I can't use the stuff, I'm sure it may help some people.

However, this message board is for information, sufferers, supporters, and breaking news in medical research on CH's. It is NOT a wrestling arena to slam people. Doc Greg has provided this website with a great service, and quite possibly did not know the information you provided. Likewise, Dr Goadsby has done more to advance CH research than any doc in this country, and has given us a physical evidence of thier existence. To slam them is just wrong.

I believe it is a human obligation to provide information that may help others, but not at the expense of hurting other people. This message board was removed once before due to people attacking each other, and I would hate to see that happen again. This MB has helped far too many people to be taken away again. It is also my only place of refuge where I can come and vent, whine, cry, freakout - or whatever, when I cannot sleep, like normal people, due to the beast - like right now.

I don't mean to 'dog' you or anything, and I am ot trying to start trouble. If I wanted to do that, I would just go to the nearest biker bar and yell "all you huffy riders suck!"

It is also my understanding that you do not suffer from clusterheadaches at all, but that you suffer from severe head trauma. If that is true, then why even come to I don't visit '' because I do not have a heart disease, however if I ever am diagnosed with HD, I will go there. I would think a person with your resources and condition would build his own website for people who suffer from severe head trauma, bi-polar disorders, etc. That would definitely benefit those who suffer with that type of condition.

If you wish to provide CH.Com with information, then by all means do so. But please do not slam people here.
As Mike Brady would say: "when you belittle someone, you are really belittling yourself. And no one likes to be belittled, even the little people." This accomplishes nothing, and everyone here already has a pain in thier head - they don't need a pain in thier rear.

In the future, please refrain from bashing people, ok? DJ is a great guy (he gave us this site), Drummer is a great guy, Bob P is a great guy. Me? I'm just a semi-ok guy who suffers too much. If you wish to post on this site in an effort to help others, thats fine, but we've had enough trouble.

I hope this message doesn't upset you, I just want the board to BE what it stands for - and not some aggravated three ring circus. And if you do continue to post malice on this board, I sincerely hope no one responds in the future.

I need this MB as so many do. I come here late at night, like now - when I cannot sleep like the Joneses. It bummed me out to find it had become a bad soap opera again in less than 24 hours.

Like I said, I hope you don't take this message the wrong way as I am not trying to start something, I am just trying to keep this firecracker from becoming dynamite. If it is true you destroyed another website MB with this kind of thing, please get help - before you graduate from destroying websites to destroying people.

Carl D

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