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Posted by Horn, Rupert P. ( on December 22, 1999 at 11:37:55:

Posted by Bob P ( on December 20, 1999 at 11:00:21:

In Reply to: Oxygen posted by Horn, Rupert P. on December 20, 1999 at 10:24:19:
My doc gave me a prescription for O2. I had to get the tank/regulator/mask at a local medical supply house (place
that rents beds, crutches, walkers, etc.
Some people just by a regulator and get their O2 from the welding supply house. May or may not be a wise thing.
Use a non-rebreathing mask at 8-10/lpm flow.

BTW - My Fatboy is starting to wet sump when it sits for a long period. Went for a ride yesterday and when I fired it
up it spewed about a 6" pool of oil from the crank breather. Do ya think this is because the oil pump gears are getting
worn or the check valve getting gummed up (or maybe it was just marking it's territory)?

Bob P

Thanks for the info Bob.
Been going thru a pretty bad two weeks of headaches. Went to the doc Monday morn and got hit up w/a big ol' honking shot of
demerol. Knocked me out for about an hour, or so the OL sez. While there I asked about O2. He's now trying to get
authorization from my ins co for them to foot the bill. If not I'll pay myself.
Starting a week ago Sunday I've had headaches almost 24 hours a day. During the day it's not too bad.
A painful throbbing around the eye. But the demons really come out at night. Seems that after
taking Imitrex it only works to help me get to sleep and I wake up a couple of hours later w/another headache
that seems to only pick up where the previous one left off. Thinking that I'd better get the guns, or at least,
the ammo out of the house. This week seems to be a bit better. Only getting two per night.
I find the Imitres nasal spray seems to work better at night in helping get back to sleep.
The injection doesn't seem to have the sedating effect.
Ran up against the ins co "firewall" on friday the 11th. I was almost out of injections, one kit left, and called
in to refill the script. Was told that I'd have to wait until the 20th before they could refill. The ins co will only
provide a 5 day supply and expect it to last 20. The pharmacy said if I wanted to foot the $500.00 bill they would be
only too happy to fill the script.

RE: UR Fatboy puking oil
Common problem after they sit for a while.
First time it happened to my Shovel I thought I'd lost the whole bottom end.
I learned to roll it out to the curb before starting after sitting.
You're msg's a heads up to me as both the shovel and GeezerGlide have been sitting
since my headaches started.

Are you getting HeD?
Lot's of useful info and some damn good folks.
If not and are interested, let me know.

'76 Purple 86" FXE Shovel stroker
'97 Purple 80" FLHTCU I (GeezerGlide)
'98 Black Dodge Dakota V8 manual Club Cab, K&N air filter
See pictures at: http://home.inreach.com/rhorn01/
Horn, Rupert P.
When all the meat is gone. Vegans are next on the food chain...

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