In the mean time, cold air, aerobic exercise at first hint of pain

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Posted by John R ( on December 31, 1999 at 10:58:55:

In Reply to: new CH sufferer posted by Mike K on December 31, 1999 at 01:14:08:

Hey, until you can get to a neuroligist and get
set up with an oxygen tank (or four, like I have),
you can try some of the "at home" remedies that
have worked for a lot of us from time to time.

Breathing cold air (42 F) according to one study
is supposed to work as well as oxygen at aborting
a headache. I don't believe it works that well,
but it often works. If it's cold out go out and
breath the cold air & see if it stops it by
itself--you might want a fan to blow to it into
you face if there's no wind. I live in Phoenix so
it's usually too warm so I use the car air
conditioning this time of year. I've never lived
anywhere really cold so I don't how cold is too

Rapid aerobic exercise at onset of pain is another
one that works for several people who've posted
here. One guy runs up a hill behind his house
whenever one wakes him up. Another guy does
squats for a minute, then rests for a minute and
does them again. I do jumping like the other guy
does squats. I pretend I'm jumping rope, but
don't bother with the rope.

With any of these you can get seriously sore (as
in can't walk for a week from the squats) if
you're not in shape or don't work you way up to
it. If you've got a bad heart, well "speak with
your doctor before beginning this or any other
exercise program." :-)

If weather or a fan permits, combining cool or
cold air blowing on you face with the aerobic
exercise works well, too. Later when you get
oxygen, if you ever go through a period where it's
effectiveness starts to fade, you can combine it
with the exercise, too. (That's why I don't
bother with the actual jumprope when I jump rope.
It got tangled with the oxygen line. :)...)

If you look around there are several
excellent tips and tricks to try to avoid them or
lessen their severity. Some people use ice packs
at pain

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