Thoroughly Pi- sed off at Dr. (long)

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Posted by Dorothy ( on January 04, 2000 at 14:12:37:

Ok, so my husband and I just got back from the neuro. I am totally, completely, thoroughly disgusted with this man! At the last visit,he told us that allergy test and its medication is a total waste, and suggested rather than taking allegra to take sudafed. He also gave Michael a sample of Imitrex and a prescription for it. After reading over the leaflet, I told the doctor today I am totally against him using this, and he said, he had no intentions of using it at this point! I about fell off the chair! He then asked if he had tried the sudafed, and when he was told no, he said, well I recommened it and that is still my recomendation- 2 sudafed every 8 hrs. THEN, turned around and wrote a prescription for singulair to be taken 3 hrs before bedtime. I questioned him, I said, so, Mike is suppose to take 500 mg depakote in the AM, 1000 mg depakote in the PM, 2 sudafed every 8 hrs, imitrex as needed AND singulair 3 hrs before bed? He said no, just the depakote and singulair and acted like we were an idiot! I then proceeded to ask about blood test, as he has NEVER had any bloodwork done, and he said, oh, I guess it wouldn't hurt to check your levels to make sure there was no problem with the liver--DUH! So now, we are going through the phone book, and this is the only doctor on our insurance that is covered for neurology~ does anyone have any suggestions? We have 5 young children, and cannot afford to pay 200.00 to go out of network, and mike cannot keep going at 1-2 hrs sleep a night. The attacks have gotten more frequent, they are now happening more and more during the day. With the line of work he does, it is dangerous for him to do his normal work safely. Oh yeah, one other thing, when I questioned him why in one sentence of his dictation he referred to them as cluster headaches, and in the next as cluster migraines, he said they are THE SAME THING!!

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