workouts do not necessarily bring HEALTHY fitness

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Posted by gary g ( on January 08, 2000 at 18:29:16:

In Reply to: Fitness posted by Doug L on January 08, 2000 at 16:28:16:

re : Physical Fitness & CH

don't know whether this is old fartism, contrarianism,
or just plain common sense unaffected by marketed trends
BUT I think it's pretty solid, and have lots of personal anf family experience that leads me to these ideas-

to me there is a HUGE distinction between overall physical fitness (good thing)
and the trendy marketed delusion that physical fitness only comes as result of organized workouts, exercise machines, and the latest flaky aerobic gyrations (desperate attempts to compensate for fundamentally unhealthy lifestyle)---

take a good long walk every day-
live a healthy well-balanced lifestyle, which automatically includes all sorts of chores, lifting, movement etc-
drink plenty of water-
don't live mostly on Starbucks, McDonalds, prepackaged or grab & go meals,commercially prepared foods etc -
don't put yourself where you have to breathe lots of industrial pollution or car exhaust in your air-
leave a window open, at least a little , year round-

Basically - live like a human animal (which we are) and not a human robot trying to keep up with all the bullshit "they" are always selling us -
and you'll proablyu be pretty good all right for a good long life, CH or not

(if yo have no idea what I'm talking about, you've unfortuantely already fully sold out to the automated, Dilbert cubicle, frenzied rush-like-hell-to-save-time you don't use well anyway, suburban hell existence, in which case you are in store for much bigger problems than CH anyway)

editorializing aside:

there is a HUGE HUGE difference between the kind of fitness that farmers, construction workers, woodsmen, hunters & gatherers etc have had since humans stood on 2 feet - which actually involved relatively slow, low-effort actions repeated all day long, all year long - thus slowly & naturally tuning the body to the seasons, food supply, etc & letting our systems work evenly and strongly,in tune with nature

and the delusion that we've been sold that says if we hurt ourselves violently for an hour a day - or whatever - then act like blobs the other 23 - we're doing good;
or if we live basic American consumerist lives, and then take some hyped up phonyherbal "supplements" and go OOM OOM OOM to a quartz crystal, it will all balance out

I think that hour of violent exertion does more harm than good -
especially re: CH

just think about it

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