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Posted by Todd ( on January 08, 2000 at 19:15:37:

In Reply to: workouts do not necessarily bring HEALTHY fitness posted by gary g on January 08, 2000 at 18:29:16:

Side stepping the cultural comments, I pretty much agree with your comments on fitness, Gary, with a couple additional thoughts.

From my experience with farming, horse ranching and construction, I would say all these professions (just because lawyers shovel more excrement than farmers doesn't entitle them to exclusivity with regard to the term 'professional', IMHO) are typified by 90% "relatively slow, low-effort actions repeated all day long, all year long", punctuated by 10% periods of extreme exertion, almost to the limits of the individual. For example, spending a day haying and then tossing the 70# bales 9 feet straight up into the hay mow.

Now, toss in [as you alluded to, gary] the changing physical requirements dictated by seasonality (i.e., winter=less daylight, fewer direct tasks, changes in the nature and physical exertion required to fulfill the necessary tasks, etc.), and it becomes apparent that the 'natural' professions are keenly attuned to nature. Farmers work harder in the summer, but are repaid in fresh from the fields veggies [or they eat the food that eats the fresh veggies :-)].

Guess this is just another testimonial to the 'there ain't no magic pill, no 10 minute abs, no miracle diet, very little instant gratification' philosophy. Y'all can crucify me if you wish, but please make it quick.

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