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Posted by Todd ( on January 15, 2000 at 11:24:26:

In Reply to: Thoughts on the Pain Level posted by Russell on January 15, 2000 at 10:42:31:

Hi Russell-
I don't see how anyone can get their feathers ruffled by what you've said/asked. Hopefully, I'll do the same.

I'm afraid that I believe that what you are asking is unattainable. Pain is, by its very nature, subjective and not quantifiable. This is simply because everyone has a different pain threshhold.

Think of it this way....for me, a 10 is the point where self-induced decapitation makes sense. It truly seems like a rational solution to the situation. Now, if there were some objective, standard pain scale, at what point would you think about cutting your head off? On this imaginary scale, I might actually reach that point at, say an 8. You might NEVER reach it, even at a 10.

For this reason, I must respectfully disagree with your thought that doctors understand pain and the ability of various pain meds to impact it. Furthermore, MOST clusterheads report that pain meds do little or nothing to relieve the agony of clusters.

Meds that appear to act on, and either prevent or abort, the action of clusters have shown far more promise. These include the triptans (Imitrex, Amerge), the ergots (Ergotamine, etc) and, for some, the steroids like Sansert. Certain anti-depressants, like Neurontin, are also of some help to some sufferers.

Finally, read or re-read the posts by garyg and Q regarding coping techniques and trancendence. I LOVE Q's view that we are 'hosts' rather than victims. We become victims (self-induced) only when we submit to the pain and personalize it.


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