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Posted by FREEk(ing) ( on January 18, 2000 at 13:51:27:

I can't help it - I want to die!!!!!!

Yesterday I got hit with a mother%#@&er super hardcore. I have had them on both sides before - though it is a raritie. Scratch that #10 crap right outta here!!! When you have one like this, just call it a 20+.
I started feeling it around 4:00pm yesterday - took an ercaf, pressure building in both temples now, few minutes later - took 1500mg Tylenol. Super kicked in. Ercaf didn't stop it. Felt like someone had stuck my head in a vise with nails on the clamps - squeezing to see if my eyeballs would pop out. I threw up. I was dizzy, disoriented - lasted over an hour!!!!

Got hit twice through the night, not quite as bad - maybe a 7 - 8. This morning, BAMMMMMM!!!!!! Both sides again!!!!! This time I lost bodily function. Actually, I think I lost a little more than that. I think I am either losing, or have lost my mind - I can't tell and I don't care.
This has got to stop!!! Took an extra hot shower, downed 4 16oz glasses of water (and man, that'll make you hurt!) This morning in the attack I actually ATE an Ercaf - hoping it would kick in quicker. Chewed it and let some of it sit under my tongue. Didn't even phase it. Might as well chewed a baby aspirin. Tried to call the Pyscho's office, er...Doctors office - guess what? It's been busy. Waiting on a call back from another doctors office that I am trying to get an appointment with, but at this point it seems hopeless.
Why both sides? Why two days in a row? I know one thing - I can't deal with that again. F#@& no!!! No Way!!! I'd rather down a gallon of Liquid Drano than deal with that again!
Excuse me for being so enthusiastically happy and positive, but the rope I have been hanging onto has frayed and now I hang by a thread. I don't expect anyone to understand - thats ok. What is not ok is me.
Something has to change soon, cuz I can't deal with this much longer. I don't understand how people who are chronic for years and years can keep going. I have been chronic two years now - and that is too long.
God I wish I was sucking on a 12 gauge!!!!!!!

The ClusterF#@&ed FREEk

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