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Posted by Donna ( on January 25, 2000 at 13:01:05:

In Reply to: What to do... posted by Todd Owen on January 25, 2000 at 09:48:26:

I have a very serious dislike for docs who do not take the time to educate their patients about pain medications! I have had a very up close and personal experience with a problem which developed from carelessness on both the part of the patient and the doc.

This young man had a back injury about 6 years ago. Pain would come and go. Finally, three years ago, he found a doc who's specialty was pain mgmt. The good doctor prescribed hydrocodone and Oxycoton, and he took them four times a day for 2 1/2 years. Then he developed a numb right hand. His doc had a nerve study done for $800.00. Now the young man is out of a job because of an almost crippled hand. He didn't have the money for the next doctors appointment which cost $90.00 per month, so that he could refill his prescriptions for pain meds. The doc said "no credit". Now, I feel that the doctor knew by this time that his young patient had a drug problem. The young man then found out just how serious his drug addiction was. He was in the ER two days later. He told the ER doc what the problem was. This doc said he would help him withdraw. He sent him to another pain mgmt. specialist who , over a two month period, weaned him off the drugs. The young man has since gone back to college and has a life in front of him again. I know that he has several friends who were caught in this trap too, and still are. It is so sad.

I did a lot of research on opiates and other forms of pain meds. Most people become addicted after two weeks of continuous use. Depending on the drug and dosage, one can have life threatening seizures and coma after a few days of no meds. Stomach pain and cramps, body aches and severe leg pains are a given. Sleeplessness, panic attacks, shakes are common.

If you use these drugs, please educate yourself. Your doc may not.

I have just learned that the doctor mentioned above is now being investigated after another patients' pharmacist alerted whomever they alert when they have doubt about a doc overprescribing such drugs. Trouble is , these young people are sending friends to the doc, who prescribes, and then the friends sell the drugs to the guy who's hooked. It is ruining lives and I am angry!

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