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Posted by Todd ( on January 25, 2000 at 20:59:49:

In Reply to: Symptoms posted by Matthew on January 25, 2000 at 20:32:53:

Sorry I slipped and called you Michael in my first post, Matthew. Around here we refer to that as CRS...Can't Remember Sh**

Here's my totally unqualified assessment of your symptoms.

The 'constant' burning behind your eye is not typical to clusters. Triggers of all sorts are more common to migraines but many clusterheads get them also. I'm not photophobic in the true sense of the word, and light doesn't bother me during an attack, but I am very sensitive to bright lights all the time. Doesn't cause pain, just uncomfortable. I used to have this great pair of lightly tinted sunglasses I wore at night to ease the effects of oncoming headlights while driving, but busted them a few years back and haven't found a replacement.
The way you react to the attacks sounds VERY much like a clusterhead. Laying still is out. Self-mutilation on a 'moderate' scale (if that isn't an oxymoron). Scalp sensitivity is typical, but usually (not exclusively) closer to the site of pain.
Here's my explanation of the pain of a cluster attack (from a former Lit major to a current Journalism major)...almost out of a clear blue sky, some really mean and probably really ugly demon decides to drive a red hot railroad spike into my temple. At just the correct depth, this spike animates and bends 90 degrees to stab the back of my eye. I don't hurt anywhere else, but the continual pacing this induces completely exhausts me.
Keep posting, keep reading. And yes, there are those of us (not myself) who suffer both migraines and clusters. Sorry to break the bad news.
Your S/O sounds wonderful!!! Hang on to her as well as your dreams. That's from an old man Lit major who's 'Great American Novel' (versions 1-whatever) gather dust in some box somewhere.

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