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Posted by stephen ( on February 01, 2000 at 07:49:01:

Iím back, thank you all for your positive and even your aggressive comments. Yesterday I had an appt. With the neuro, and try as I might I still lost my license. Donít be mad at my doc. Iím not. You see the other day when I told all of you that it was my doc. that was revoking my DL that wasnít totally correct as I found out. Actually he was required to file with the DMV because my friend called him and said that my HA were affecting my driving. So you see he was just covering his ass to keep from someone suing him. But Iím still ok to ride by bicycle (I guess itís ok if I get killed but not cool is I smash someone else)
On a happier note (one of the few these days) I convinced my doc. to let me try a prescription of oxy. I still have to call the Ins. Company to see if Iím covered, if not I may try welders oxy (after reading some of the archived posts). I already Know that I will probably get at least one re: telling me not to try it, before you tell me that it is not safe, please give me concrete evidence if you know someone that has actually been harmed by welders oxy.
On the sleep thing that I read about earlier this morning, my sleep pattern has been totally Fíed up for the last four or so months. Now I sleep 12-30 hours then, because of anxiety about having a HA when I sleep, I stay awake for 20-30 hours then Iím so exhausted that when I do fall asleep nothing wakes me up. The problem with this is that when I finally do wake up I donít feel refreshed at all and have no energy. I have been referred to a sleep specialist (pulmonogist) the only problem is that I have to wait till March 27th to be seen by the guy.
Only one question this time has anyone found an easy way to get a reluctant ins. Co. to pay for more Imitrex? I seem to be using one or two nasal spray shots a day, and Iím only allowed to have 6 every 10 days. Hopefully the Oxy. Will work but if it doesnít I would like to hear from some one who has successfully gotten emí to pay for more.
Hope all is well and wishing PFDAN for all.

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