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Posted by Dennis ( on February 02, 2000 at 18:49:41:

I have suffered from cluster headaches since 1982. I found this message board only a few
days ago.Until now I had found only one person I could talk to about cluster headaches. It was
refreshing to find someone to talk with that understood what my life is like during the cluster
periods. This person was a CH sufferer also. Seems as though CH sufferers are the only ones who
truly understand.
I am a male and this person was a female. She worked where I work. We would talk when we
could. She suffered more often than I did so I would be sure to check on her when she returned to
work after being absent. Our co-workers started rumors about affairs and such. I guess they think
everything is about sex. I am sick, but they have sick minds. My wife knew I had a friend and
trusted me, but I told my friend that our conversations must end. I lost contact with her when she
moved out of town.
Since then I have not had anyone who truly understands how my life is put on hold during my
cluster periods. I think that maybe I have found some new friends here on the board.
I have a life and live it to the fullest until my headaches start. Then I look for reasons
why, answers, sympathy and such. I am in one of those states now. I recently started having the
headaches again. They usually last four to six weeks. It has been three weeks since they begun.
From what I have been reading I am one of the lucky ones. Until now I have been cluster free for
more than two years. I thank God everyday for this. It really helps me to know that I could be
worst off if God was not present in my life.
I have a question that I would like a response to:

Do you think that cluster headaches hurt more, last longer, occur more frequently and the time
frame (cluster period) goes longer if you do not have a supporter. Someone you can talk to, that
understands. Men and women like you?

I have a doctor. He does not have CH. I have a wife, son and a host of family members on
both sides. None have CH. They all would like to help me. My wife loves me but gets upset at me
when she suggests things for me to try and I refuse (Sinus medicines, hot showers and such). It
is hard to explain (when your in pain) that those things do not work. A back rub and a hug go a
long way when you in pain. I want a shoulder to cry on. (It hurts!) My wife tries but gives up
after about five minutes.
The other day my wife read an article on "WEBMED" about things that can trigger attacks
and things that can make clusters worst. Everything she has ever suggested was on the
"Don't Do" list. I think she understands more now. No where was (a friend to talk to),(a back rub),
(an ice pack held for you), (a wet cloth), (someone there beside you) nor even (a hug) was on the
"Don't Do" list. If any or all of these things were present during my attacks they would not
make it worst. I think it would help. What do you think?
I applaud everyone on this site for opening up. It helps you and it helps others, like me.
I also applaud the ones that started this message board. For the ones that have love ones who suffer
with CH, please give them a hug (a long hug). It is not that hard to do. We need it. When we have
attacks we feel that we are alone. A hug would take this lonely feeling away.

Thanks, Dennis………………..

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