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Posted by sailpappy ( on February 04, 2000 at 08:57:34:

In Reply to: Weekend Topic begins! posted by Mrs. Holloman on February 04, 2000 at 07:37:23:

Ms. Hollaman,
Over the years of having to tell thousands and thousnads of people what is wrong with me I've developed this explanation.
I start with-Have you ever taken to big a bite of Ice Cream and gotten a "Brain Freeze"?
Almost everyone has at some point. so I then elaborate by sayin that My Cluster starts somewhat like that only it's in my forehead instead of behind the Eye. Instead of abating and going away within a few seconds, a cluster starts like that and then continues to spread upward and backwards on my head until the whole right side of my head is in that same type of pain, I break out in a Sweat from my forehead and my right eye swells almost shut,as the headache progresses my sinuses flood and so do my eye's, which doesn't matter because the pain is now so intense that you can't see beyond your own eye's anyway. within a few minutes I develope Tremmors on the right side,in my leg and arm and almost everytime I throw up all over the place. At this point I feel as if I have a White hot Sword stuck in my head entering in my eye and exiting through the back of my head at the base of the scull. When the pain is so intense that you think it surely can't get any worse , I get what I call white flashes in which you feel as if your heart might stop and you might pass out, This would be a blessing as it would make you unaware of the pain,However it never happens. I stand with cold water running over my head and after an hour or so I feel Goose Bumps coming up the back of my neck and within a few moments the pain stops almost as suddenly as it started. There is a slight warm feeling that you get in your face just before the attack starts and everytime you feel that, you think to yourself-"OH MY GOD--Here we go again!" During the attack you have a hard time not begging God to go on and take you home! But when it's over your glad he didn't. Sailpappy

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