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Posted by Monique ( on February 23, 2000 at 13:38:18:

In Reply to: Cured posted by Todd on February 23, 2000 at 12:43:12:

To quote from Flash's post above:

"1) This is the only truely effective treatment I have tried. I have 7 years experience of it, and aside from when I have ceased the treatment (to check I do still in fact suffer from CH) I have not had a single headache let alone an episode. Nothing conventional comes close."

Yup he says that when he stops he gets them back. Here is my philosiphy ~ Should someone find a "treatment" if you like, that would put me into a remmision of 7 years with no side effects or further damage to my liver and kidney's that the chemical crap they have been giving has done would I consider myself cured? You bet your sweet ass! I would rather live my life taking something as simple as a natural tea once every six months and consider myself cured than live in dread. Same with Breast cancer. Two years now, it's going to come back, we have established that but thanks to the MS treatments my organs would not withstand any further treatments. Hence my out look is not the greatest. If I found out that all I had to do to live is to drink this tea for the rest of my life every six months and live would I consider myself cured? Again you bet your sweet ass! How do you define cured. I do it by the fact that Greg could possibly live a normal life not having to feel as you do. To know that I will live to see my kids marry and maybe even have kids of thier own. A drink of tea every six months doing this for me would be indeed a cure as far as I am concerned. If at some point it did stop working for what ever the reason I would then be looking for another "cure" perhaps that is just our problem, you and I, we just have different definitions of "cure". Life without pain, without death hanging over my head within three year, without the nasty MS crap ~ That to me is most assuredly a CURE! :)
Perhaps we should agree to disagree?

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