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Posted by Dave ( on February 27, 2000 at 05:25:19:

In Reply to: Sorry posted by Todd on February 26, 2000 at 20:47:52:

While I'm on a CH "break" from a long severe
attack I'd like to add some remarks.
I've been on the path of magnesium and it's links
to CH for a few weeks now.
Magnesium definitely has some role here. Whether as to cause or cure is yet to be determined.
I had to argue with my doctor about it, but he finally agreed to give me a full metabolic blood test, with a serum magnesium test included.
(I hope to have the results Monday or Tuesday)
I've outlined a report already, using many sources of information I have obtained.
Depending on what the test shows will determine my next step. Plus, if the blood test is accurate enough in the first place. I'm familiar with the oral loading test already, and may end up having to go that route eventually. I am going to do everything under control of a neurologist, and record everything from begining to end.
I already have quite an extensive report on the functions and common effects of high and low levels of magnesium.
I've started with a premise and using myself as a subject hope to form a conclusion.
What brought me to study magnesium?
After doing a very detailed account of everything imaginable in my life history (i.e. eating habits, drug or alcohol use, stress, time periods of episodes etc...) everything lead to Mg.
It would takes pages to relate how, too much to post, but is all contained in the report. Plus I have acess to all the symptoms, triggers, treatments etc..reported in here by fellow sufferers.
It's easy to dismiss magnesium levels as a cause and effect because of the "too simple" thought process. But, it is important to realize the interaction of magnesium with other aspects such as calcium, potassium, etc...
As I wait for the results of my blood test I am currently trying to gather information on just why do almost all the medications CH patients are given contain magnesium stearate?
Verapamil, Imitrex, Ergotamine, etc...
Plus anxiety or depression drugs like:
Xanax, Amitriptlylin, etc...
I am trying to cover every aspect of what started as a hypothesis about magnesium and CH,
to what is now developing into a grounded theory.
What I can't find is valid contradiction, which would be helpful in that there are many I's to dot and T's to cross.
This is not a new idea, contolled studies were
done by Mauskop, Altura & Altura, Cracco and many other respected neurologists. BobP posted one such report in here earlier.
I have followed up on their studies and found when they presented these theories to the medical world they were forced to suppress their work.
Why? I think the answer is obvious, but will not go into speculation here, but am sure if there is indeed a cause and effect link of magnesium to CH (and migraine) it is simple to guess why this information would not want to be put out to the general population...thinking?...yes!...of course!
I agree ; )
But, I think it best for me not to go there just yet.
Anyone who has done any extensive research into magnesium, calcium etc... your input is welcome.
Probably best to work through e-mail so as not to clutter up the board.
Who knows? Just might be something here???

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