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Posted by Carl D ( on February 29, 2000 at 16:10:10:

I love that line from the classic movie, "The Jerk." Steve Martin getting way too excited over the silliest thing: his name IN PRINT!!!

Well, I just did a Navin Johnson style rant of my own, but very much deserved... I Got My O.U.C.H. Membership!!! I Got My O.U.C.H. Membership!!!
I feel like a kid again - my name in print Member in good standing.

Comes at a good time too. I need the confidence boost. Have been really bummed lately - but very happy to be on the board again.

Had a very light night and got 4 1/2 hours of sleep, but woke up with a 10+, and have had two 7's since I've been awake. Talk about a drag - don't even have any acetominaphin to chew on for that nappy, bitter taste that says, "Yes, I am desperate! I am in total freakin pain!" So instead, I've been chewing pencils (in half.)

Still working on the book, on chapter two. I read chapt one to a friend over the phone and he kinda tripped. He expected it to just dive into freeking out about the CH, but instead I am building the characters and adding depth to them. I don't want it to be boring - but I don't wanna blow my whole load in six pages either. Learning the art of writing has been both exciting and fun. I am brushing up on my skills, as I have not done much writing outside of poems and songs the last couple of years. This is completely different, too.
I think I could get addicted to this writing thing. Hopefully I will be able to get "Snapped" Published with no problems, and it will be the beginning of something awesome.

Oh, and I had another brainstorm too. Once I finish this book, I am sending a copy to Oprah. I know she likes to use unknowns in her book club, and has been a champion of lesser-known causes on her show. If she reads this book and decides to add it to her book club - then there will be alot more people with the knowledge of clusters, and who knows; it may even make me a bona-fide author with credentials...instead of a freek and bum with no life outside of screaming in agony.

Oh well, reach high and fall short, as I always say....but,You just never know...

Carl D - FREEk

p.s. - hey guys, Mel Gibson would never work in the role of Wyatt; Mel is old and Wyatt is only 25. Maybe he could play his father or boss. I was thinking more like Edward Furlong, Ed Norton or maybe an unkown actor with CH's as possibilities. I would like Meryl Streep or Sally Field to play Wyatts mother though. Me? Naw! We need someone with a little bit of charsima - someone the chicks would go for. I just attract the Psycho's.

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