2am wake-up call

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Posted by Todd Owen ( on March 01, 2000 at 05:31:16:

"Good morning! This is your friendly and cheerful wake-up call, compliments of the beast! I know you didn't ask for this wake-up call, especially after I kept pestering you so hard yesterday. Guess what?!? I don't care if you want me around or not!!! Nyah, nyah, nyah :-P Thank you, and good morning!"

Anyone else out there? Hitting hard right now, 7 to 8. Sleep isn't an option. Oxygen isn't working, out of Imitrex. Could just hit the painkillers, but after yesterday I'd like to avoid them if possible. Can't get messed up on them today anyway, I am supposed to be a witness at the courthouse as two friends of mine get married. Not like the family doctor seems to give a damn anymore. Had a 4:15 appt yesterday, showed up on time after calling in advance to make sure he was running on time. Get taken back to exam room at 4:30, he's in another exam room with a patient, every other exam room is empty, I'm told I'm next. Two more people get led back into other exam rooms before he finishes with the first patient at 4:40. Doc goes into the room across the hall from me! Ok, fine, I can understand if he had someone who had something that he felt was quite urgent. He finishes with that patient, moves to one in next room at 4:55. Two in front of me? I'm not happy now, and when the nurse leads someone into the now empty room across from me, I let her know. Doc comes out of room at 5:10 walks up, looks at my chart and me and asks if I mind waiting while he sees patient in hall across from me!

Somehow he managed to figure out I was in the middle of a CH attack by my comments to him. Hmmmm, didn't know I was THAT obvious (<-sarcasm here).


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