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Posted by Tracy ( on March 09, 2000 at 09:46:42:

In Reply to: Hang in there.... What is your self help route????? posted by Cheryl on March 09, 2000 at 08:55:14:

My GP is right royal pain the proverbial. Unfortunately I have no other choice than to help know what God says though!!

I've just found out through a friend I made on this mb that the pills I've been given (by another GP, now retired) are actually addictive!! I *did* ask this when I was given them (I'm funny about taking drugs, prefer herbal stuff) and was told they were perfectly alright. I should take them 3-4 times daily, for between 4-7 days for as long as the bout lasted. If I'd done that Lords knows where I'd be right now!

My own GP thinks that I'm "giving into the pain". He feels their triggered by stress and tension (he also thinks they're tension headaches because clusters don't last for over 2 weeks like mine do - last one was 2.5 months. He doesn't see the point in prescribing pain killers when getting rid of the stress and tension in my life will get rid of them for me.

I could go on, but we'd be here forever!! (LOL)

Still, I can laugh now - but there have been times when murder seems an option!!

I take OTC just to take the edge off. But when it gets really bad I resort to the "heavies" as I call them. Unfortunately really bad is getting more frequent. Especially at night. Last night was the first night in a while it'd actually woke me up. I'm even less inclined to take what I got now I know I could get addicted, but when that's all I've got and I'm unlikely to get any others........well, what can you do?!

On a more upbeat note - I'm determined not to give in. I've worked through other pain, I did my kick boxing the other day with 2 cracked toes. I can get through this...somehow.

I will *NOT* let this beat me because of some stupid quack!

That's really all my self help is....*is* there anything else?


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