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Posted by Flash ( on March 09, 2000 at 10:00:54:

In Reply to: sansert and mushrooms posted by sailpappy on March 08, 2000 at 15:05:00:

Certain types of mushrooms are psychoactive - what is often referred to as hallucinigenic. They may be classed as poisenous because of their effects, but they most are in fact non-toxic. The toxic ones are Fly Algaric and Panther Cap. Both those mushrooms are related to the Death Cap. Death Cap is the most poisenous toadstool around, and is almost always fatal, even in minute doses. Fly Algaric is much less toxic, but several caps can kill. Panther Cap lies between the two. I would avoid all of these, besides being dangerous they are of no benefit to CH sufferers.

Of the non-toxic but psychoactive types they are many. Some are easily confused with non-psychoactive but toxic species. You have to know exactly what to look for. The pschoactive chemicals in these mushrooms are psilocybin/psilocilin. Psilocybin is metabloised into psilocilin in the body. It is the psilocilin that has interesting propoerties for CH sufferers.

None of these mushrooms contain strychnine (however it is spelt). There is an urban myth about phoney LSD really being doctored strychnine. There is no truth is this rumour, it was invented to keep kids from abusing drugs. The two substances are completely unrelated. LSD itself is similar in structure to psilocybin, only more complex. It is metabolised in a similar way.

So to recap:

There are two types of psychoactive mushroom.

One type is toxic, the other isn't, but may be confused with other toxic species.

The toxic type is dangerous and of no benefit to CH sufferers.

The non-toxic type is beneficial.

No mushrooms that I know of contain ANY strychnine.

Hope this clears things up. Feel free to correct me.

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