GHB Revisited

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Posted by Lee Moore ( on March 10, 2000 at 22:11:05:

GBH Revisited
My post (see below) was simply a question, not a statement or directive that anyone try this. Maybe I used a poor choice of words but the fact remains that under controlled conditions and the supervision of a doctor this drug has the ability to allow the clusterhead to time out and not have to deal with the horrible pain, then wake up and go on about their business after the cluster episode without side effects. Unlike Demerol, morphine and other drugs I have received through the years What is so disgusting about that? This drug has a short life cycle and is very quick acting, it also exists in all worm blooded animals naturally in small concentrations. The word comma drags up some bad thoughts, however in this context it means to sleep, unable to be aroused even with severe pain. This period with the proper dosage would only last about 1-2 hours.
Heaven forbid anyone look for relief while a real cure is not on the horizon. If we do not think about new treatments then let us stop bashing the under informed doctors and quit wasting our time on message boards such as this one. Wishing people happy birthday is very nice but accomplishes nothing to find a cure or treatment for this condition.
It should also be noted that like many other helpful drugs this one is available worldwide except North America by prescription and is used to treat many things from depression to alcoholism and many others.

Doc Greg Please comment. Posted by Lee M. ( on March 10, 2000 at 00:23:14:

I ran across some interesting info today about the date rape drug GHB. This drug has some possible features that could help us clusterheads. Even though it is a schedule 1 class narcotic Banned in the U.S. it is as easy to produce as bathtub gin. My point is this, the effects are anywhere from mild sedation to comma to convolutions. The interesting part is the comma, in effect you could knock yourself out for an hour or two and wake up with little or no side effects. I can't tell you how many times I wished for this, sleep right through the cluster. The drug suppresses the release of dopamine, that's all, it is non-narcotic and has no effect on the liver or kidneys.
Do you have any input on the possible use of this drug for our situation?

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