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Posted by Miguel ( on March 18, 2000 at 10:41:28:

In Reply to: Miguel posted by Todd on March 17, 2000 at 22:37:04:

You didn't come across as harsh. At least I didn't
Take it that way.

Considering having both? Yup. sometimes I thought
so. Now, that is one ugly prospect.

I don't know what the hell it is, but where
some posters show symptoms that are like mine,
others show things that I never experienced b4.
Be it luck, or a different disease, such diffs are

I have seen where people note that light, chocolate,
cheese triggers thier CH, although such are well
known migraine triggers. Then agin, those people,
like, may have been misdiagnosed. Knowing what I know
now, coupled with what MD's don't know, the possibility
of misdiagnosis is rather high.

I do not know what to think any more.

My commonalities with CH:
1) excriciating pain, several times/day and night.
2) Episodic.
3) Night attacks take place about 30 min to 1 hr after
falling asleep. They repeat themselves between 1 and
3 times/night. I think that I usually black out
from the pain since the last thing I remember is increasing
pain, not easing up.
4) Night attacks are far worst than day time ones.
5) Episodes on left side are far worst and harder
to manage with analgesics. Thse are far more intensely
focused. They are definetly different than the duller,
spread over a larger area attacks on the right side.
6) This makes think that left-sided attacks might be CH, as
diagnosed, but right side are migraines?
7) There are some commonalities in triggers
such as weather fronts, alcohol, and chemical
odors, cigarette smoke regardless of which
side gets the episode.
8) Sleep-wake cycles are completely disrupted, with
serious bouts of insomnia during, and shortly post
9) Episodes seem to follow bouts of depression.

1) Triggers: Chocolate, cheese and other milk by-prods.
2) Daytime attacks seem to take place about 45 min
to 1 hr after eating. This is mind boggling to me.
3) Combinations of Advil and actifed work for me in
easing the pain. During episode peak times, it just dulls
the pain, but at least I can function.
4) Attacks in some instances seem to follow times
of intense stress, like I said many times a stress
5) Flashing lights trigger attacks.
6) I am extremly photophobic during an attack, as well
as phonophobic, although the later not to the same
extent of the light sensitivity.

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