The man made environment, just learned yesterday

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Posted by NickD ( on March 21, 2000 at 09:13:22:

In Reply to: I made it back here too...and some bla bla bla of my own : ) posted by Dave on March 21, 2000 at 05:22:29:

that 40% of the recycled tires are sold to the paper mills in Wisconsin for fuel, so that explains that black smoke coming from the stack, with that recent fire in a recycling plant, the whole town was evaculated because of harmful fumes, but yet it is okay to get these same fumes from a stack, least now I know why going near a paper mill town triggers a CH. The energy crisis of the 70's led many a folk to revert back to wood burning, clean towns were ladden with black smoke up here, Consumer Reports had an article that the kids living in these areas were getting contaminates equivalent to smoking 20 packs of cirgarettes a day, so if you have CH's don't smoke cirgarettes, but nothing is said about getting the same pollutants from a neighbor burning wood, I fought with the EPA on this and got nowhere.

In the late 40's Exxon and GM went from city to city and purchased commuter lines where many suburbs were built around, dismantled them to force people to buy cars and gas, wonder how many of us our brain dead or half crazy from consuming tons of lead induced in the air by this massive increase of the use of the automobile, the average guy would buy a house and required a car to get to work, in the Chicago area, after the commuter line was purchased and dismantled, hundreds of thousand of people had to buy a second car, the interstates becamed jammed over night and some were driving as far as 200 miles a day just to put 8 hours in at work.

Recently the White House just released a notice that MTBE's will be phased out, an additive that the EPA forced the oil companies to use to reduce HC emissions in large populated areas, thing is, no one took the effort to learn that this additive can cause cancer,more than 1/3 of the US population would be affected. I know that this additive was yet another CH trigger for me so have to avoid large populated areas. America has been considered by our fellow countries as being technically weak and for what we have been doing to kill ourselves, I have to agree, but what do I know, I was raised in Chicago during the war years when production of war weapons was at it's peak and exposed to many toxins including lead, so I am probably crazy and don't even know it.

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