Hi Joe

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Posted by Todd ( on March 25, 2000 at 20:57:48:

In Reply to: whining...or trying not to posted by Joe on March 25, 2000 at 20:39:10:

Hi Joe-
I hear and understand.

Here are my thoughts:
1- Life isn't fair. Whoever said it was supposed to be? Is cancer fair? Is MS? or epilepsy? or sickle cell anemia? (which causes body-wide cluster like pain in advanced stages)

2- Bad stuff happens to good people all the time.

3- Only you can start or end a 'woe is me' cycle. Personally, I never let myself go there. Not because I'm somehow 'better' or 'more rightious' than anyone else, but simply because I know that, during a cluster cycle, I need every ounce of emotional and physical strength to fight the Demon. I WILL win. He WILL leave. No-one here has EVER been beaten by the Demon...and the chronics battle him far more often than we episodics.

My ex just put me through 11 months of hell, and it's not fully finalized yet. But know what? This too shall pass. No-one has the right to make me emotionally miserable, except me. That includes the Demon. He's dancing around me right now, taunting me with the threat that another cycle will start soon. My response? C'mon, mofo, hit me with your best shot (love Pat Benatar). The sooner he starts, the sooner I'll send him packing. And then I'll have a year or maybe more without him in my life. While he's here, I'll have maybe 4 hours out of 24 each day that he can mess with me. That means 83% of every day is mine, not his.

The Demon only takes on the life-controlling importance we allow him.

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