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Posted by Elaine ( on March 26, 2000 at 10:09:04:

In Reply to: Hi Joe posted by Todd on March 25, 2000 at 20:57:48:

I have had cluster headaches for 20 years and I am chronic! I went 19 of those years being told there was no cure for cluster nor medication that helped. I worked a job for all 19 years and raised a family. I learned how to work with a cluster and deal with the pain with no medicaton other than lots of over the counter crap, and deoral at night. There were times a cluster was so bad I had to leave my post at work for a few minutes. There were nights I just hurt so bad I had to go to ER and get a knock out shot. But all and all I handled them well, because I knew I could not just give up I had a family I had to feed. I was not going to give the beast any more time than I had to.

Then I came to this site April 1999, I was being hit hard but still working my job.
With the help of Drummer and a doctor that listened I found the right medication. Took me from 6 clusters a day to four a week. I no longer work but I quit my job for other reasons my boss sold out and I did not get along with the new boss. I never let clusters take over my life. At one time I almost let the combination of clusters, cancer, and my marriage ending, take me over, and just about gave up.
Clusters alone will never run my life.

I may have a high tolerance for pain, I do not know or maybe its, I wonít let anything control me like that. We are all different and some can not deal as well as others. Thatís not to say they are weaker, just they have not learned how to deal with them yet. Clusters CAN be dealt with. Now with knowing others suffer also the same pain it should be easier for people.

We all do our share of crying and why me on this board and its OK to do that ! We all have a right to a pity party, as long as the pity party ends and we get up. Some days are brighter than others, on a raining day when things are gloomy do like I do turn on all the lights in the house. Look for a answer you will find it. Donít skip over any post the answer for you just might be there, even if you donít like the person who wrote that post.

I agree with your post all the way Todd. I think if you go back in the post you will find a disscussion that we had about how to deal with the pain. Jack, Gary, Drummer and you had some good advice. I took that advice and it has helped me a lot. I don't think I am at the point of having my teeth drilled on with out something for the pain. LMAO but I can hand a cluster much better and I can now sleep. No more fear of sleep.

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