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Posted by Todd ( on April 08, 2000 at 15:31:05:

In Reply to: Graham is RIGHT - CHMB has gone to pieces posted by the original gary g on April 08, 2000 at 12:27:41:

Gary G, Graham, Jack, Bobp, drummer, Elaine and all the rest have merit in what they say. Yet they don't agree with each other.

I used to enjoy discussing theories with Gary and Ueli and Jack and drummer and some others. But nothing of substance ever came out of any of those discussions.

I have enjoyed some of the playful threads, and found others to be completely inane, as I'm sure others find some or all of my comments inane.

I have seen some interesting points of view I hadn't previously considered in some of the 'religious' comments that have been made.

I've seen some interesting poetry, although poetry really isn't my 'bag'.

I think this issue really revolves around a couple of points:

First, there IS nothing new in ch research or medications. Yes, that frustrates me and pisses me off, but there also isn't anything we're going to do about it here and now. Is the frustration at lack of 'serious discussion' on CHMB due to the actual posts, or due to the external lack of things to discuss?

Second, after two years, all the 'standard' questions about meds, side effects, etc. have been answered repeatedly. Having newbies find the site and start asking the same old questions again probably also frustrates some. On the other hand, I'm sure I must have asked some of the same old questions when I first found and people did take the time to answer me, which felt pretty darn good. Perhaps we do need to try to put ourselves back in the 'newbie' frame of mind.

Clearly, CHMB has changed dramatically in the year that I've been coming here, and I imagine even more dramatically since its inception 2 years ago. Social groups do have a tendency to change over time, as the composition, needs and desires of the members change. Personally, I think this is good, although I admit it annoys me when a group shifts in a way other than that which I would prefer.

Overall, I think the answer was best put by another poster, who said 'It's gotten so when I see certain names, I just skip right over that post', or words to that effect. Bravo! You have exercised your free will and control over this medium. When Jerry Falwell disapproves of a television show, he mobilizes his "Moral Majority" to attempt to impose their will on everyone else. (and this is "Moral"?) When I disapprove, I change the channel. I do this because I don't feel it's my right to impose my likes and dislikes on others. Not I said 'impose' - I certainly believe in attempting to persuade others to agree with me, and listen closely when others present a good case to sway me to their view.

In my opinion, much of the 'denegration' of CHMB has nothing to do with the tomfoolery and everything to do with the presence of many people who do not suffer from CH. Many other people, however, seem to feel that CHMB is a place for support of people in pain, and that we should welcome sufferers of migraines, tension, sinus and other headaches. In the past, I've posted rather strongly that I feel CHMB should remain true to it's stated purpose, but lately I appear to be in the minority.

So now I just skip past posts from people who I know discuss other disorders.

Someone much wiser than me once said "There's no such thing as a free lunch". The price we pay for what each of us does find value in here is to wade through that which we find valueless.

Pretty good deal overall, as I see it.

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