A few questions from a bad speller

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Posted by Doug L ( on April 08, 2000 at 16:52:16:

In Reply to: Graham is RIGHT - CHMB has gone to pieces posted by the original gary g on April 08, 2000 at 12:27:41:

As usal your post always make me think. And beleave it or not i do learn from them.

I am not the type to go out and search the net or the medical librarys to find a cure for ch.
Why, Because i do not know what the fuck im doing in that department. I do not have the schooling.

Im very guilty of the playfullness on the board. Im also guilty of whining and complaining, also asking the same old questions that have been anwsered over and over and over again.

So where is my place in your order or adjenda that you sugest?
Do i just read all the boring anilitical post and then just post ....Hmmmmm .....leaving every one to wonder who this Doug L guy is?

I personaly need to be a part of this board. I have no one in my life that truly understands exactly what i go threw. (Joel does try. But its not the same as talking to some one who suffers the exact same malidy that i do.)

I dont know i may be wrong. But i feel that you would rather that since i will not do the research and post on a PHD leval that i should hang out with the migrainers. You left because you tired of the fun and playfullness. If the board was the way you seem to want it i would leave,
1. Because i do not have a PHD and do not understand a word anyone says.
2. Because those people posting that way are so compleetly boring.
3. I would go looking for people i could get to know and that want to get to know me.

To me i think that its better to have a combination of the as Trouble said "Doctor wanta bees" and the touchie feely typs as me. Or should i say people who dont or cannot post in the analitical way. (you know the touchy feely typs"

Ive said it before and i will say it again.

I like Garys post. I always learn from them.

But, Gary. A sugestion. Not everyone can understand what you post. It looks good and sound educated. But, you realy should bring the vocabulary down to a leval that the normal population can understand. (This is just a sugestion and a

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