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Posted by FLASH ( on April 12, 2000 at 05:22:49:

Since I discovered this board, must be 2 1/2 years ago, I've (usually) avoided publishing my email address.

The reason for this is that my email was operating from one of mu clients servers. This meant it was possible for them to interceptit and read it. If it wasn't for the fact that my posts related to the use of psycho active mushrooms, to treat and prevent cluster headaches, I wouldn't have minded. As it was the jobs of my 25 employees were at stake if the client decided I was some sort of junkie.

Anyway, at lot of people have sought me for correspondance throughout this period... well here I am. Sorry for the cloak and dagger stuff.

I am 29 years old, and episodic. I have been afflicted with Ch since the age of 16. My cycle is 1-2 months annually, sometimes split.

I have been using LSD and/or Liberty Cap mushrooms to prevent CH since 1993. So far the sucess rate has been 100%. In 1993/1994 I was taking LSD recreationally and was unaware of it's theraputic effects. It wasn't until 1995 that I figured out why my headaches had gone away for 2 years. Interestingly it was the Internet that confirmed my suspicion about what had changed in my life.

I have had two breaks from the treatment (the first was unwitting) and both times I subsequently suffered a full episode. In spring 1995 (1 year after my previous LSD usage) I had an attack. In 1997 I deliverately stopped the treatment and had an attack within 12 months.

Since 1998 (when I resumed the treatment) I have waited ~12months between doses for an attack to start and get fully underway arounf Kip5-6. Then I take the treatment, often during an attack and not only is the attack aborted, but I don't get another for around 12 months.

The treatment is either 1/4 hit of LSD or 12 Liberty Cap mushrooms taken once anually. Both these substances contain an 'Indole Ring' srtucture - like Serotonin. Both also metabolise into Psilocilin, which is very very very similar in structure to Sertotonin.

The CH drugs Methysergide (Sansert) and Ergotamine, are sister drugs to LSD (from the Ergot Alkaloids family) neither are a fraction as effective. LSD was originally produced as a migraine cure, and sucessfully used in clinics for a decade.

Several other people from this board have tried this cure. I don't see them on the board anymore. Before departing the proclaimed successful treatment. Either they haven't had an attack for a while or the nasty drugs killed them (joke). In truth LSD is one of the least toxic substances there is. The human body can tolerate less caffiene than it can LSD.

My next cycle is due around about autumn, when I will take this treatment for the seventh time.

If anyone is interested then they know where to find me. I will not supply the treatment though, it is illegal and I already have a day job!

I would also appreciate any information both pro and con this treatment whether anecdotal or scientific. The more we know the safer we are.

If anyone reading this has tried this then please get back on the board. I am getting fed up helping people then being left to fly the flag alone.

Best Wishes

Craig (Flash)

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