This site has broken my Heart........

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Posted by Jim ( on April 12, 2000 at 15:32:05:

When I was dealing with my previous cycle of Cluster Headaches
( 26 years of them; I'm 40), this site was just fairly new and
a life saver....The long nights of crying myself to sleep, rocking on the floor
with my head buried in a pillow.. my children wondering what is wrong with
their Daddy...feeling like I was wrapped in cellophane when I would breakdown
and take Elavil, just to sleep...The helplessness and
feeling less than a man for my family... I just wanted to give up.

This site helped me tremendously, even found a decent
drug that was effective ( Cafergot). Even got off the Elavil... The posts on here
were sympathetic, on topic, and heart-warming... For the 1st time, I felt
like I wasn't alone.....

Well... The demon is back, and he is attacking with vengeance.... The episodes are more frequent and severe!...
The hot ice-pick is piercing my right temple and pushing out my eye! They are
occuring more frequent than I am allowed to take cafergot for.. Vicodin just
doesn't do anything for the pain...

I came back to this site for comfort.... and most of the posting I see
has nothing to do with our suffering..... I thought I was transported
to an AOL chat room!... half the posts are senseless and
it seems as if people just like to hear themselves talk ( see their names in posts).

As I am suffering immensely, I do not need to see how witty someone is,
or read about inside jokes or stuff that is better left for private e-mail
or chat.... I can go other places if that interested me...

Now I have to wade through a bunch of crap to find anything relavent... Why?
It gets so frustrating that it, by itself, becomes a trigger for the Demon to rear it's hideous head!

I will go back now and deal with him, alone, as before... and fight the good fight...

you have broken my heart...........

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