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Posted by Tracy ( on April 16, 2000 at 06:39:01:

In Reply to: Ihave business associates in the UK and Germany posted by NickD on April 15, 2000 at 17:19:26:

Hey NickD!

London's not that smelly! People always make it out worse than it is! I'm a Londoner born and bred and I didn't develop asthma until I LEFT London and moved to Surrey!! You CANT smell the sewers in London, whoever told you that was on one major windup! Icant comment on Germany as I've never been outside of Britain and Ireland!Well, unless you count a daytrip to boulogne!

London is really only for people who can handle built up areas. That's why I live in Surrey, my husband would've died in London - he'd have hated it. We live in a small housing estate in surrey. No big shakes, but it's enough for us. I'd love to move to house with a bigger garden. We just have a tiny square - about 15' x 28'. But the houses over here are so expensive now. Ours is a mid-terrace, 3 bedroom with the tiny garden and it's worth about 120,000 (approx $128,000(ish) dollars)!! The nearer to London you get the more houses cost, and some rural areas are just as bad.

We're getting more built up here, we live near a mushroom farm (now THEY really smell BAD, if you want to talk smells!! (LOL). Trust me the health ramifications from those are far worse than car fumes and the like. Do you know where I live 7 out of 10 adult suffer with asthma and 9 out of 10 children?!!!! That's awful, anyway they're supposed to be closing the place soon, as the smell has travelled upto 8 miles away and is now affecting our local councillor qho apprently cant use his bar-b-que (shame). So he took action and they've been fined so often now they're closing the site and converting it into industrial units.

So there you have it, my area. BTW, if our government makes us go on building houses in the South we're just going to have one HUGE estate soon!!

If I was you, I'd snap that house up right now!!


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