I can't believe the price of homes, in 1964

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Posted by NikcD ( on April 16, 2000 at 09:09:45:

In Reply to: London and the 'Burbs............ posted by Tracy on April 16, 2000 at 06:39:01:

I purchased my first home in a nice suburb of Waukegan,IL, four bedrooms, stone, large lot, price was $11,000.00 and got an VA loan for 4%, I recently looked in Madison near the university, $250,000.00 for a small 1930's house on a 40 foot lot, no room to build a garage, even up in the sticks, any water frontage home, even a shack is over $100,000.00. The dream house I mostly built myself in the country until the corporations came in with pig farms, liquid manure, and open sewage disposal that started my CH's became a hell hole, I was trapped as mortage rates hit 18% in 1980, the house prices dropped substancially as nothing was moving, but who can afford 18% interest? It finally dropped in 1985 to 8% when I finally could afford to make a move, during that time, I was sceaming at the DNR and EPS to stop that practice, Land of Lakes, I hate those bastards, they just had too much political pull. My kids suffered my asthma and I from CH's in that environment and from I am reading on multiple chemical sensivities, even coming to the conclusion that my very healthy son somehow got his Crohn's triggered from this exposure. To survive the terrible pollution we were exposed to, and thanks to the energy crisis, I was able to buy a almost new motor home that slept eight and on bad days or nights, we would simply drive out of that area to get a CH free night, we build our new home on the highest hill in Marshfield, this is a doctors neighborhood, we had several polluting items here, and I thought the doctors would be of great help, no way, they are forbidden by the clinic to make any complaints, so they came to me to do the complaining for them, this worked out as if asked by the EPA, they were allowed to verify the condition that stopped many a polluting scenario that helped to establish buring laws in our community. I know that feeling of being trapped in an environment, and also took a major loss in selling my country estate just to get cleaner air, the asthma simply went away in my kids after the move, a miracle? I don't think so, also learned that doctors can only treat a condition and have no power to change the cause, just too many years of trying this and that with only marginal results at best, I could get all the codene and demorel that I wanted only to suffer rebound, can't even touch those medications anymore and refuse to. Ironically, I never became addicted, I believe that 60 Minute TV program on pain killers, that if your are in severe pain, addiction does not occur, quit taking all pain medications cold turkey under the advice of my new neuro even with the offer of spending three months in drug rehab, never had to, just quit taking them with no after effects.

CH's are a living hell and one cure is having lots of money, so you can simply move away from the triggers, don't think I can afford a $425,000.00 house, have to find another way.

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