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Posted by August ( on April 16, 2000 at 18:28:21:

In Reply to: August,I think your ignorance is only exceeded by your arrogance posted by NickD on April 16, 2000 at 13:40:24:

Dammit Jim, I'm a clusterheadache sufferer not a doctor! (bad star trek joke)
When you came on the board and said you think you have Multiple chemical sensitivity syndrome, I looked at the link you provided. I checked over several other sites in order to be able to understand if I was correct in my view that you don't in fact have CH.

From everything that I've read you are a text book case. You have in your posts since feb. related to us all of your triggers. They range from perfume, manure, papermills, sod, several different chemicals, and even claimed once that 02 was an irritant.

You have recounted to us your travels from one environment to the next. Chicago triggered a CH that didn't leave until you went to Wisconsin. Wisconsin has dairy farms and manure fumes that cause CH's. Camping by Duluth causes CH, but on other occasions you'd like to get back there to get rid of one. One time you went to the Pacific Ocean and it blew the CH from your nose for 2 months. I'm getting this from all of your posts Nick.

Through your posts you have informed us of every state that your nose has been through. All the different things you've stuck up it. You've told us that one time a doctor sprayed something in it that gave your level 5 instant relief. What does this say to you? It says to me that you are very sensitive to many allergens and toxins. It is causing you to have pain that may seem similiar to CH but IT IS NOT CH. Look over that post again from Drummer. CH is a very specific and rare condition. It it doesn't come and go from being at the pacific ocean or leaving one state to state.
I used to live near Glacier National Park. Now I'm sure you could find an irritant there, but for me and the majority of the population it is a pristine environment with great air quality. Guess what I have the same amount and severity of attacks here in Vancouver as there in Montana.

One thing I also got from your posts was something that you said about your nuerolgist. You said that you didn't tell him about fumes or environmental irritants? Why is that?

I could be off base but I was wondering if you might have been worried that your diagnosis would change if you did. According to the mcss sites there aren't a lot of meds or treatments in place. That is sad. With a CH diagnosis at least you can get some meds that might help, like your amitriptyline, and your demerol shots.

I've had demerol shots, morphine shots, dilaudid shots. They don't take away CH pain for me. In that article they mention this to be the case as well. These methods don't abort a CH. According to you a demerol shot will put you to sleep in 20 min. I'm 5'3" and weigh 110 pds. I have had a shot of demerol one after the other, up to 200 mg. Yes, 200 mg. That is too much. I got off the table and walked out the door. Didn't put me to sleep, and it didn't take away the pain. Same story for morphine and dilaudid. Does not take away the pain for me. I'm not saying everyone has the same responses to meds that I do. Please don't mis-read that point.

Now for triggers subject. You say over and over to learn your triggers. I know my triggers, alcohol. That is my one and only trigger.

Why do I care what the heck you think or write. I shouldn't really. I gave up trying to point you in the right direction. I care very much that you might point someone in the WRONG direction. The cure hasn't been discovered yet for cluster headaches. This doesn't mean that it is such an open condition that you can fit other conditions into it. It is a specific conditon.

In your posts you've said verapamil was bad, predinisone, imitrex, etc. For some that may have been coming on the board this causes mis-information. Talking about your 100s of triggers is mis-information. Your right the board is full of discussions about triggers. Your triggers.

As for my silly ass posts, (which don't even exist because asses for one thing are not silly but a functional part of one's body)I'm sorry if my language offends you, which i've been told by you before. They don't make up the majority of what I post about. Mostly because it's really not an interesting topic to begin with.

A lot of the help I try to give is behind the scenes, not on the board.

Go ahead and think I'm arrogant, but that is not the motivational factor behind my wasted effort here with you.

I know very little about many things. I know a cluster headache sufferer when I hear it. You sir, are not one.

Your diagnosis as one depends largely upon the information that you give your nuerologist. I have nothing against you as a person. I have a problem with the things you post. Not as you as a person. There is a difference. You couldn't see that I cared about you as a person a few weeks ago. I wonder what you will twist this post into?

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