Herbal treatments and Blew Cheese chunks! Also, answer the pupil question people!

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Posted by Carl D ( on April 18, 2000 at 08:04:45:

Well, I just took the last of the Ultram. I think I have more of a tolerance to that than the Hydrocodone. When I was last at GNC, I was reading through a herbal book at the counter and it recommended the following herbs for treatment of CH:

Ginko Biloba
L-Tyrosine (not to be taken with a MAO inhibitor)
DL-Phenylalanine (Not if you have panic attacks)

Right now I cannot afford them, but if someone does want to try these, please post and let me know the effectiveness of the treatment.

As bad as I have been getting hit lately, though I am very scared of it and think its just another one of those "trip remedies that works for one person", I am going to get some vinegar and bleu cheese and give it the 'ole college try. I am leary of this, as bleu cheese has a tendency to make me blow chunks. Last time I ate it - I got mega sick (and I love cheese, especially swiss). The vinegar thing? I may just try inhaling it first, and if that doesnt work, I'll do the body rub.

One thing that makes me cautious about this kind of "home remedy" is that someone in Switzerland said that when they feel an attack coming on, they take and drink a shot or two of cider vinegar and it makes it go away. Well, I tried it (over the course of two attacks drank half a bottle) and all it did was make me want to upchuck while having a CH. I have done other strange "home remdedies": Sucking on ice while drinking hot water; Wrapping my head & neck in hot towels; breathing soured milk vapors; snorting warm coffee; etc. But, if this is working for more than one person, I have to give it a try. I just hope I can do the bleu cheese without vomiting dayglo. Hardboiled egg? Yep, I'll do that too. Bleu cheese. How wierd! Why couldn't it have been baby swiss or lorraine swiss, maybe even sharp cheddar? Oh well, I guess bleu cheese is better than head cheese!

I am still looking for more people to answer the question: does the pupil on your CH side get smaller or enlarge during an attack, during a shadow, or before or after an attack? I only got four responses when I asked this ealier. Three said constriction of pupil, and one said dilation. What happens to you?

I have had a very bad night. 3 super 10+attacks since midnight, and only 1 hour of sleep again. Nothing new, you know, the usual.


Carl D

P.S. - if this does work, do you think they will refer to us as THE SALAD PEOPLE?

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