NickD, I have to agree with August...........

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Posted by Tracy ( on April 19, 2000 at 12:56:38:

In Reply to: Here's a partial list on automotive internal combustion engine emissions. posted by NickD on April 19, 2000 at 08:43:50:

I think you're probably suffering some kind of multiple sensitory illness, rather CH/CPH.

I don't quite understand WHY you're constantly pursuing this thing about cars and fogs? At the end of the day, if I went into a room full of smokers I would die. From asthma, nothing else. Cigarette smoke is a MAIN trigger for me.

i understand that car fumes are not doing the planet a lot of good. But, as I think I've said before (August, I'm sure you'll know if I'm wrong! God I wish I could remember things like you do, I have trouble with my own name on occasion!! LOL), an environmental scientist on some TV programme I was watching said that pharmaceutical companies and industry in general is doing MORE damage to the planet than the internal combustion engine EVER could.

Also, as I think I stated before albeit somewhat tongue in cheek, there is a group of scientists who believe their study shows that the methane gas produced by ruminating animals is again much more of a problem to the planet than the car.

Whilst I accept that it's hard to accept that you may not have a particular ailment (I remember how crushed I was when I realised what I had was no longer migraines), I think you have to accept that the reactions you're having to your environment is more allergen led than anything else.

BTW, even if you were proved right at some point in the future, I do take issue with your point about "drug yourself up and try to put up with it or seek better areas". It must be nice to have money and no responsibilities to move wherever and whenever you want to.

But what about people like CarlD? And me for that matter, and probably a lot of people like us on this board. People who don't have the funds to move or have too many responsibilities to move, or even who have both. We don't like being drugged up as you so eloquently put it, but WE don't have the luxury of anything else. CarlD doesn't have the funds to even buy the drugs he needs let alone to move.

So please NickD, next time - THINK about those of us who CANT move. As much as we may like to. We respect your feelings, please reciprocate the respect.


Take care and God bless,


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