Nightmares, Cold sweats, and CH

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Posted by Carl D ( on May 16, 2000 at 09:04:05:

I got about four hours sleep last night and, for once - almost wish I hadn't.
I had a dream that would make Wes Craven and Stephen King sound like Rodgers and Hammerstein!

I was sitting on the front porch smoking a cigarette. I watched the mailman stick packages in the mailboxes across the street. As he would walk away, the mailboxes exploded. I jumped up, and at that moment, a large animal jumped on top of me, wrestled me to the ground, and was ripping me to shreds! It was biting and clawing my face, as I struggled to get away. I grabbed a brick and began smashing the large animal in the head and face. As I did, blood squirted everywhere, and the animal began transforming into a young girl who was begging me to stop. The mailman ran up to me, sprayed mace in my face, and began kicking me.
I got to my feet and started running. (Ever notice sometimes in dreams you run, but cannot pick up speed - almost as if you were on an unseen treadmill.) I ran right into traffic and was hit by a car. The man driving the car jumped out, began yelling at me about the danage I did to his car, and also began to kick and punch me. I grabbed the guy by the throat and started choking him, bashing his head onto the concrete until he was unconscious. It was my Father!?!?

I began to run again and was crying and panicking. I kept thinking (in reference to my father), 'He won't leave me alone. Even though he's been dead 12 years, he still won't accept me for who I am and continues to beat me down to this day! I stopped running near the library, bleeding profusely. I started to feel weak. I went into the library and all of the lights were off. I sat down in a foam-like chair and began to just sink into it. As I was catching my breath, the lights came on and a crowd of people yelled "SURPRISE!!!" (They didn't seem to notice that I was all bloody.) A bunch of my friends, old school chums, and other people I did not recognize came up to me - singing, "For he's a jolly good fellow, for he's a jolly good fellow, for he's a jolly good fellow - - who should not be taken alive!" And they just kept singing this over and over. (I don't know why I remember all of this so well, maybe because it is one of the most bizarre dreams I've ever had and it freaked me out pretty bad.)
While they were singing, I fell back into the chair and started bawling my head off. About that time, They all seemed to either have baseball bats or swords - and began beating me upside the head with the bats and stabbing me with the swords - while they kept singing this same song over and over.

I woke up thrashing on the floor (did I fall out of bed?) with cold sweat pouring off of me, in a full blown 10+ attack. That was about 5:00am when I woke up. The wierd dream has been stuck in my head since I've been awake. I don't know what it means - I just know it freaked the hell out of me. I used to have bizarre dreams - some very bizarre dreams. But then again, I used to do alot of drugs too. I think the thing that is freaking me out the most is how real it seemed. It's like, I felt each punch, stab and kick as though it were really happening. I can't explain it. All I know is, it is very vivid still in my head, and even though I've been awake for awhile, I can still hear that song over and over in my head (which is aching.) How wierd is that?

I hope it fades from memory as the day goes on. I think the one part of the dream that is messing with me the most is the part about my dad. Every dream I've had of him since his death has either been wierd or brutal. I can still hear him yelling at me too.

I feel wore out too; as if I got zero sleep once again. I'll tell you one thing: I would rather not get any sleep than to have anoher dream like that again. I have not had a bizarre, freaked out dream like that in a long time - but then again, I haven't slept much in a long time and alot of times if I do sleep, I don't remember if I dreamed or not when I wake up. I usually wake up in a bad attack and so dreams are the furthest thing from my mind. Hopefully today will be a little more peaceful.


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