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Posted by Carl D ( on May 17, 2000 at 08:43:33:

Well, I had my 'interview' with the S.S.A. office yesterday. Man, it seems like if you are poor and have qualified for disability, they want you to stay poor, and don't even think of getting ahead at all. I couldn't believe some of the questions they asked.

SSA: Do you have a car?
Me: Yes.
SSA: And what do you use it for?
Me: Uh, is this a trick question?
SSA: We need to know.
Me: Uhhh, drive-bys and get-aways?
Seriously, To go to the grocery store or doctors office or to get meds - duh! Lately it has been a yard ornament as I cannot afford to maintain it. What do you use your car for?

SSA: Has anyone bought you clothing of any type since January of '99?
Me: Does the shirt and pants I got for Christmas count?
SSA: Do you have any items that are worth over $500.00 that you could sell in order to support yourself?
Me: Nothing but that batch of crank I just cooked up, ya want some?

Okay, I didn't make the last comment, but all of the questions I mentioned here they literally did ask - and a ton more. Man, talk about humiliating! I felt like inviting them over to watch me writhe in agony when I have my next attack and ask them if it looks like I should qualify for Medicaid.
Think about it for about ten seconds (any longer would be a waste), if a person has not worked for two years, has a medical condition and has just qualified for disability - wouldn't you think said person should be eligible for Medicaid? Does this even need questioned?
Well, now I am fighting for the SSI and medicaid, and my fate is in the hands of the pencil-pushers. That just totally makes me violently ill. A crack addict or alchololic has better luck getting all of thier benefits than a CH sufferer. If you don't believe me then check it out. If I get my SSI and medicaid, all of my medical will be paid for, and my total monthly income will be about $650.00 Maximum. Another guy who has been an alcoholic for about 20+ years and cannot function like normal people(?) is on disability and gets a combined total of $865.00 per month. Now you tell me - is our system F#@&ed up or what?

I am not predjudiced in any way shape or form, but I can understand why some people are. It has nothing to do with the people themselves, but the way our government treats them with 'special treatment'. Think I am wrong? Check it out; an immigrant who has just come to America has more opportunities and chances for government aid and placement than someone who was born and raised here. This is true! Also, when I reached rock bottom they said I did not qualify for 'any government assistance' however, if I were a person of color, they would have to give me something otherwise I could scream 'discrimination' and have organizations like the NAACP on my side to back me.
Let me re-state: I am not predjudice, I am just sick of a selective government that will help one person while spitting on another. At the same time, I am expected to pay my taxes. At the same time, if a war broke out and a draft was ordered, I would be expected to fight (good thing that didn't happen with the gulf war - I was already pissed at the system after watching them screw over my mother who needed assistance after having worked for over 40+ years and paying her taxes faithfully. They didn't lift a finger to help her and, basically would still be alive today probably if it wasn't for all of the bullshit red tape and the fact that, if her blood gases were 1 point lower, then medicaid would have paid for her meds when she came home from the hospital.)

Man, I gotta stop thinking about this before I start getting angry. And they wonder why some people refer to this place as a ' well hidden and confined autocracy'. Well, were obviously not a communist society, per'se; we are, selective.

It just pisses me off to no end. You can work for 20 years, pay your taxes, and kiss uncle sams ass. When you are down and out, and you need a helping hand, the only hand you will find is the one pushing you down - holding you down. The only thing I can say is...


Carl D "FREEk"

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