Hey CarlD, be thankful your not a Brit!!!!

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Posted by Tracy ( on May 17, 2000 at 09:55:58:

In Reply to: Frustrated posted by Carl D on May 17, 2000 at 08:43:33:

I could tell you stories about this country that'd make your hair curl!

We're completely under the thumb of Europe and the "Politically Correct" brigade!

Dont get me wrong, some my friends are black and asian - but even THEY are getting fed up with the way things are going. What worries them is that the backlash when it comes, and believe me it will, will be against all of them not just the ones abusing the system.

I do sympathise so much with you. My Mum is on disability and she has to be "assessed" (means tested) every three years. She says it's the most degrading and humiliating experience she ever has to go through. They even accuse her of "putting it on"!!!! She has a heart condition that IS going to be fatal, along with Type 1 diabetes. She cant walk more than a few steps without getting breathless. BUt they MAKE her attend an office in London that's up THREE flights of stairs (no lifts), to see "if she's capable of climbing"!!!! Her Gp has told them in a letter after the last time, that if they force her to do that again it could bring on a fatal heart attack, after which she would assist us (her family) in pursuing compensation from the Government office concerned. But someone else of a more "ethnic" persausion is given a home visit.

Liekwise my Dad is 60 in a few weeks and he's as slim and wiry as Mum is rather......large. (A bit of Jack Spratt, etc). Well, Mum could get at the very least another lighter wheel chair, or maybe even an electric wheel chair, on loan through the NHS, she has to go for an assessment in a couple of weeks. Theyve told her there's no guarantee she will get either no matter how much she needs them due to "demand". Yet a neighbour of my Mum's just phoned up and explained who she was and was asked "what do you want eletric or attendant?". The electric one was delivered 2 days later!!!

We're currently getting 6,750+ refugees into this country every WEEK! We have so many racial riots now, it rarely makes the news, except maybe the local.

Im NOT a racist, as Ive said before I have friends of lots of ethnic minorities. Heck, according to our government even me and my Dad are ethnic coz he's Irish and Im half Irish! But I feel sorry for my friends who do their best and will suffer when the balloon goes up, and I feel sorry for people like my Mum (and you) who are treated so terribly.

What's worse in the country is that Blair's Thought Police are making it increasingly difficult to talk like this. Did you know that this post and all the posts, e-mails that the Brits make are screened? Oh yeah! That's President Blair's new "security" regime for the "public good"!! Scary isnt it?

I hope you get it CarlD , I really do. Dont be surprised if my system goes down soon, apprently it happens regularly to people who mail and post against this government, or whom this government considers racist. That's anyone who speaks out against the amount of refugees we get here, or anyone who wonders why the people of this country are suffering because of the economic strain we're under because of them. I personally wonder if we will get another election here, or whether Herr Blair will decide he's what's best for the country and declare himself "Dictator".....sorry that should read "President". The saddest thing of all? I was one of the schmucks that voted the F&%$#rs in.


Take care and God bless,


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