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Posted by Tracy ( on May 31, 2000 at 04:43:31:

Ummm...Im probably going to get flamed big time for this, but...........

could we maybe get a section going for kids?...after all, whilst Im forced to sit through the "Tweenies" and the "Bear in the Blue House", I dont necessarily need to discuss the merits of "Milo's" painting or "Tutter's" fear of the dark (Yes I know ALL the names, and Yes I know Im sad and need to get out more!).

On a more serious note it would give kids a place to discuss their ch with THEIR peers as we do with ours. They could make their own friends and 'families' there (hey, they could even be the next generation 'family'). They could also come here for adult support when they get scared of the pain, etc (I know I do and Im 34!).

Naturally I agree with Bennie Sue on the language front. I still stand by our right to post and vent as we want. But I think we should lose the bad language and 'bigoted/racist' talk, if kids are going to start to visit. We are ALL equal here. I dont ask someone their colour, ethnic origin or religion before I offer them support or chat to them. I could care less whether someone is black, Hispanic (hope I spelt that right) or a Catholic. You are my friends and 'family', that's ALL I care about. As has already been said it doesnt help the pain to write hyrogliphics, and it doesnt help us as a group to be unkind to someone just because they're a different colour to us,etc. I think if anyone does start that we should just freeze them out. It serves no purpose to rise to their baiting. That's what they want, and I for one have better things to do with my time (as Im sure we ALL do) than trade insults with someone who obviously has serious personal problems as well as their ch.

Now back to the kids. Obviously, the message board for them could be something for the future. I think DJ has more than enough to cope with right now! But maybe we could help him set it up when the time is right, and maybe for now we could set up a section for kids to get info explained at THEIR level. Lord knows, sometimes when people hit the 'meds speak' *I* feel like Im reading Swahili, I think the kids would think they were reading Martian! ALSO, I think all this should be for kids OF sufferers of CH, as well as kids that DO suffer ch. Im sure plenty of us have kids that have absolutely no idea whats going on when we have attacks. I know it certainly freaks my Beth out when she sees me in one. Especially when they reach that magic 10. It'd be good for them to have somewhere to go, where it was explained in terms they could understand.

I know people will say start up a separate site for kids, but I think it would be safer to keep it 'all under one roof' so to speak. There are a lot of creepy people out there that could use a separate site to prey on vunerable kids, especially when they're not in the best frame of mind to be watchful. If they stay where we can watch them, and have somewhere to come if they DO get suspicious, there's less liklehood of that happening.

So what do you think? All flames to be directed to my personal its easier for me to delete you!! LOL

But seriously, what DO you guys think?

Its just an idea, IMHO.

Take care and God bless,


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