I pray you read this.

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Posted by NickD ( on June 16, 2000 at 09:08:50:

In Reply to: The saints and non-saints have one thing in common.... posted by Carl D on June 15, 2000 at 07:30:53:

"pray (pr³) v. prayed, pray·ing, prays. --intr. 1. To utter or address a prayer or prayers to God, a god, or another object of worship. 2. To make a fervent request or an entreaty. --tr. 1. To utter or say a prayer or prayers to; address by prayer. 2. To ask (someone) imploringly; beseech. Now often used elliptically for I pray you to introduce a request or an entreaty: Pray be careful. 3. To make a devout or earnest request for: I pray your permission to speak. 4. To move or bring by prayer or entreaty. [Middle English preien, from Old French preier, from Latin prec³rş, from *prex, prayer. See prek- below.]"

Hopefully you can conclude that praying is not necessarily an act of adoration, but more of a request for help. The bible infers a hierarchy that tends to fad in a democratic society, Catholics believe that saints are further up the ladder than the masses and may even kick start God in an intervention manner, but firmly believe that all things come directly or indirectly from God through his son Jesus Christ. It's amusing that Protestants claim to have a direct path, it's further amusing that so many interpretations are derived from the same book where in this sense, the subject of religion creats more harm than good.

What's the truth? I haven't the slighest idea based on personal experiences, I go out at night with a CH and look up at the Gaza and wonder if this would cause me to build pyramids with a similar layout. What would I know about a God if just put on this earth? To date, I was lied to about the tooth fairy, Santa Clause, and the Easter Bunny, so why not the rest of it? CH's are true, very true, and billions of creatures are put on this earth only to serve as a meal for a larger creature, so why should we be any different? If there is any kind of spiritual help, I'll ask for it and won't put another person down for asking either.

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