The saints and non-saints have one thing in common....

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Posted by Carl D ( on June 15, 2000 at 07:30:53:

In Reply to: Teresa of Avila ! (This is OUR chance !) posted by drummer on June 14, 2000 at 17:31:54:

They're both dead!

Seriously, the Catholic art of praying to saints and also praying people out of purgatory(?) is totally unbiblical and is a man-made tradition that really has nothing to do with God.
In fact, it is contrary to the Bible...

Timothy Said, "There is one mediator between God and man, and that is His son, Jesus Christ."

So, who do you pray to?
Jesus himself said, "In that day ye shall ask of me nothing, but ask of my father which is in heaven in my name."
So, we pray to the father in Jesus' name.
Actually, the art of praying people out of purgatory (praying for the dead), is a custom of the old covenant (old testament.) We are supposed to live under the new covenant. The difference? Under the old covenant, peoples sins were not forgiven, rather they were overlooked. They had to provide a sacrifice for thier sins to be COVERED. So, when someone died, they were not sure if that person would be forgiven or not, so they would pray that God deliver that person from thier sins in the afterlife. Thus, praying for the dead. Under the new covenant, you can know if you are going to heaven or not, leaving it up to the individual. God will forgive someone who has asked to be forgiven, but if they are dead - it is already too late. Thats why in 1st John it says, "if a person has not sinned unto death, then it is okay to pray for that person. If they have sinned a sinned to death, do not pray for that person."

Okay, for a recap: Praying to saints or Mary is a waste of time. Go to the direct source - God the father.
Purgatory is a state between heaven & hell - guess what - we are currently in it.
You cannot pray for the dead.
You cannot pray to the dead.
You CAN pray until your dead.
End of theological lesson for the day.

Carl D

P.S. - I am not against Catholicism, I am against anything that claims to be Biblical but does not line up with the Bible.

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