They do, but often stop when you go beyond symptoms into self-diag...

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Posted by Andrew Mytys ( on June 16, 2000 at 14:10:46:

In Reply to: why want they listen? posted by todd on June 15, 2000 at 23:53:07:

Put yourself in the place of the DR. All that time invested in school, all the experience, all the reading to keep up on the latest findings, medicines, etc - All the hassle with malpractice ins, documentation that insurance companies require, and the money invested in a practice.

The doctor is trying to do his best (hopefully) and follow good scientific procedure - you can't take a theory and jump to a conclusion without testing and analysis - that's just bad science.

Any delays sucks for us, as we are in PAIN.

For the doctor, he, and his malpractice insurance co, wants to have a warm an fuzzy that they have a good diagnosis before they prescribe anything.

In my case, I've been suffering since I was 7/8 years old. The pain was never as bad as it is now, but the symptoms were always the same - Seasonal, boring pain, 60-90 minutes, pacing, pounding, etc.

2 1/2 years ago, I finally had so much pain I went to the doc. He has me try some over the counter stuff first. I do, and I think it's working as the "headache" goes away in an hour (isn't that how long it takes medicine to work??? I don't know) and it gets rid of shadows real good.

Then I go into "remission". Of course, I don't know this and think the "over the counter stuff" just works.

Fast forward to this spring. Now the pains are even worse. My CH has matured into full 10's. I go to the Doc, and tell him of all the symptoms again (seasonal, boring pain, waking my up from my sleep, stuffy nose on same side as pain, etc.)

Doc sends me to get a sinus x-ray. He can't just give me pills - he has to eliminate other possibilities, and narrow the field down to a scientifically justifiable diagnosis (for the ins co, and to cover his ass).

x-ray shows minor issues, but nothing that would explain the severity of my headaches.

Now, he's got me scheduled for an MRI. Another smart move - I could have a benign tumor in the vicinity of the internal carotid artery.

Of course, I've still got my ATTACKS.

And, I've found I'm SURE that this is what I have. I want to wring my Doc's neck for some O2. But, thinking logically, I know he's progressing as best.

For my part, I've asked him "What do you know about Cluster Headaches?" - he blurted out the Latin name, all the theories behind the causes, the symptoms, etc. He even said that narcs don't work. WOW! - At least he's hip on the subject... a BIG plus.

Back to the MRI - if it's tumor free, we can check out the hypothalamus - maybe it's enlarged.

Perhaps he will want to look at hormonal, steroid, or melatonin levels - just to be sure.

My Doc is a professional - I have to trust him, and his judgment. He's not doing me any favors by not being thorough, even if I HURT LIKE HELL and it would be easier to "throw a bunch of pills" at the problem.

While I might have immediate satisfaction, I would really have to judge the morality and professionalism of a Doc that prescribed whatever drugs a patient *asked* for because he *knew* what his ailment was because he *read* about it on the internet and had *100%* of the symptoms.

I have to be a patient patient :)

I really think that the time to retrieve a proper diagnosis is just going to get longer in the future, as more and more patients use the internet to question their doctors better judgment (yeah, yeah... I'm assuming you have a GOOD doctor).

I think that incidents where patients are demanding *specific* drugs, questioning the Doc's judgment and diagnosis, and administering their own home-grown remedies is just going to increase with internet usage. Come on... "I've got it because said so" - how lame… and dangerous. How many people will even question the source of the information, or how current it is?

In most cases, it would be better of the patient simply stuck to the facts of the symptoms, and leave the diagnosis to the pro's. If you have questions, concerns, or your own theories (based on solid research) then by all means, have a constructive discussion with your doctor.

You will, however, loose all his respect, and maybe your doctor's ability to "listen" if you go off like some internet lame-o who puts more confidence on an online diagnosis than in your Doc's advice.

Further, while you may know what you're talking about on a specific point that you researched, there's no way, without formal education and experience, that you can get a solid grasp of the big picture - that's all those other variables and diseases that could lead to a different diagnosis altogether, and be a CORRECT ONE at that!

Todd - please don't think I'm slamming you. I know you're well informed, mature, think with your head, and have been suffering, undergoing tests, and seeking professional advice for more than the few weeks that I have. I don't pretend to understand your frustrations.

I just want to look at the overall issue objectively, from the Doc's side.

Bottom line - if you don't think your Doc is treating you right, get a copy of all your records. You paid for them, they are about YOUR medical condition, and you have every right to have a copy.

Take that info, and find a new Doc.

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