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Posted by BobG ( on June 21, 2000 at 03:53:44:

Way down the board there was a discussion about collecting (or not) disability compensation due to cluster headaches. I didnít post then but want to get in my two cents worth now. Some said they try to just work through the attacks . I say good for them. Others said they couldnít work with clusters and have applied or are getting disability payments. I say good for them also.

Collecting disability (or not) has nothing to do with Ďsaving your dignityí or being tough or weak or lazy. What it is is a benefit you paid for every hour you put in on the job.

Before someone starts with the old BS line that the employer, not the employee, pays for disability insurance let me say this, itís just that, BS! Disability insurance is a benefit just like vacations, 401K plans, sick days off and health insurance.

In my working career I have spent many days each year on the union side of the bargaining table across from the Yes-men fronting for the bean counters and lawyers that want you to work for the lowest possible wage so the company can maximize profits. The way to keep the cost of labor down is to offer the lowest amount of benefits possible.

Every time wage negotiations are started the yes-men always start off with the BS line that the company cannot afford higher wages because of the cost of benefits and that includes the cost of disability insurance that the "employer pays for". The cost of disability insurance is a business expense dictated by law and has no place in negotiating for wages. The lawyers and bean counters would have you think otherwise. Keeping hourly wages and/or salaries down because of "the cost of disability insurance that the employer only has to pay" means that the cost of paying for the insurance is coming out of the pocket of the employees in the form of lower wages and not the companyís bank account.

If you feel that you need disability compensation due to cluster headaches then go for it. You paid for it.

If you donít want the payments then donít apply and use you sick days or vacation days when you canít function.

And thatís my two cents worth and Iím sticking to it!

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